Monday, 11 November 2013

Hello :)


I have decided to start a second blog :) I will be changing my original blog a little bit, check it out here, 'Pass the Candy' will mainly focus on celebrity fashion as well as fashion designers, fashion week and will also feature articles I write for The Upcoming.

This blog I have titled 'Pass the Cliché' will centre around my real life as well as high street, day-to-day fashion and some of my other interests such as beauty; make up reviews, products I love and hate, music; gig reviews, monthly playlists, literature; book reviews, up and coming novels and much more!
I used to write monthly updates on Pass the Candy and they were some of my most viewed posts (you crazy people) but for some reason I stopped doing them (I am also crazy.) So I will add a monthly update to this Pass the Cliché blog :D

I made the decision to start up a second blog in the Summer and I was going to wait until the new year but I have been to two gigs in the past week an they simply needed reviews! I am also contemplating setting up a Youtube account and doing videos on there. I have friends and family all around the country (York, Birmingham, Worcester, Bristol, Devon) so I thought it would be an ace way to keep them updated as I seriously suck at replying to messages and answering the phone. 

So, there we have it!
Stay tuned for updates in the New Year where the true magic begins. Oooooh.

Love ya, 

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