Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Life: December 2013 Monthly Round Up

Is it seriously 2014?

  1. Back to work on 2nd December after a week off, it was nice to see everyone but I was so tired! Also my friend Lauren fell down the stairs and in't at work so that's rubbish :(
  2. Reading Festival announced that Blink 182 are headlining! OMG. My favourite band back in the UK, I must go!!
  3. Talking of Blink 182 (they are also one of my Michaela's favourites) I traveled up to Birmingham to see the bestie for a long weekend :) I only had to change at London Euston which was good. 
  4. We went to see Catching Fire at the cinema and it was AWESOME! Even better than the first one I think :)
  5. We also went out and it was so much fun, we went to a bar called Jekyll and Hyde and had some delicious cocktails (Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Blueberry Twist, Candy Cane) then headed out to an Australian themed club and everyone was hammered! We just laughed at ll the crazy drunks!
  6. We also got a tattoo each. Mine was just a little cross on my thumb but Michaela got a massive pocket watch tattoo, took nearly three hours! OUCH.
  7. I had the Christmas party at work but it was on a Sunday and I was working on the Monday! I still drank way too many cocktails and shots though....Not everybody from my work came along but a few did and so did some of the Christmas temps which was ace as they are all cool.
  8. Although December started OK I had some bad news later. On the 18th my cousin and Aunt were in an accident and my cousin didn't make it, my aunt was put in a coma and they told us she will have severe brain damage. Although we hadn't seen that for some time it was such a shock and horrible news to hear, it was my mums sister who was hurt, I swear my mums just has so much shit thrown at her and she just gets stronger and stronger. 
  9. We had planned a night out with two of my sisters and my dad a while back, it included a meal out and the Christmas panto, despite the circumstances it went ahead. My mum just wanted us to enjoy it as much as we could.
  10. Then of course we had Christmas and New Years. Check out my Christmas post here, I didn't do anything for New Years in fact I'm writing this as it nears midnight. I'm working New Years Day and don't get paid till Friday :(
  11. I saw Mitch briefly at the end of December, we did some shopping and watched a few films; The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Zero Dark Thirty, The Worlds End and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The 1st two were brilliant, the third was good but the fourth not so much....

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

Magic & Sparkle - Christmas Meal and Theatre

I headed out for a meal at the Rock and Rose with two of my sisters and my dad then we went to see Peter Pan at Richmond theatre! So lucky :D 

Here is my simple outfit with dashes of colour and glitter.

Original outfit: Jacket is Kardashian Kollection, Skirt and Top are both Primark, boots are H&M, Bag is New Look, Hair Extensions are from Hairtrade

High Street

High End

Life: Christmas 2013

WOW. Another Christmas done with.
Christmas started on 22nd for me really! But this little post is just about the actual day itself :)
I had to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day but I still managed to go visit my mum in Birmingham, I trekked up Christmas Eve night and traveled back Boxing Day morning at 7am!!! It was LONG but worth it for that one day with the family. It felt particularly special this year after the rather rocky 2013 we all had. 
I do wish that I had a few more days off as I am well and truly knackered but never mind!
I know that everybody says this but my mum is literally the best cook ever, her food is just amazing. We had a delicious mix of pancakes, fruit, bacon, eggs, sausages, croissants and toast for breakfast then (of course) the best meal EVER- Christmas dinner-followed by rocky road slices, Christmas pudding, mince pies and far too many chocolate and sweets! We played a few games here and there and also a quiz which myself and Amy (my sisters friend) won! OH YEAH! But because I had to catch the coach back to London the next day I didn't drink much and had to have an early night :( 
I received some amazing presents, as always, I shall attempt to make a list....just won't go into too much detail....

Rimmel eye-shadow palette, Rimmel spacedust nail polish, Accessorize socks, notepad, River Island gift voucher, Disney cuddly toy, River Island tartan dress, Chanel compact mirror, gig tickets (5 Seconds of Summer & Taylor Swift), Bourjois nail pearls, Etsy Nail stickers, Harry Potter light stickers, ASOS Selfie t-shirt, Mockingjay pin, personalized calendar, underwear, nightlight, tropical scented candle and candle holder, Languages of Middle Earth book, chocolate, Body-shop Musk set & Black VANS

I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas and Santa sent you everything you wanted! I know I certainly received more than I could have imagined :D

Monday, 16 December 2013

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

15/12/13- Shopping
Fifty Shades of Blue

I did a little bit of Christmas shopping on the weekend with two of my sisters and my nieces. It was surprisingly mild for December and I didn't need a coat or scarf, my chunky Topshop cardigan was enough :)
Check out my comfortable, cosy look below:
(Excuse my face....)

Original outfit: Jeans are Topshop, T-shirt is Primark, Shirt is H&M, Cardigan is Topshop and boots are New Look

High Street
T-Shirt * Jeans * Shirt * Cardigan * Boots

High End
T-Shirt * Jeans * Shirt * Cardigan * Boots

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

12/12/13- Work
Monochrome & Metallic
In case you didn't know I work in retail and every few months I receive uniform allowance as you can only wear stuff from the store you work in. It's pretty good as after a few cycles you really start to accumulate a good collection of clothes, I also like that because you have to show all the different trends it almost forces you to experiment with fashion. You also have to find different ways to wear the same staple pieces which is pretty fun too!
Anyway, on my Pass the Candy blog I had started to create posts of my outfits but I have decided to transfer that over to this blog and here is my first :) 
I will try and recreate the outfit with 'high street' and 'high end' items:

Original outfit of the day: Skirt is River Island, T-Shirt is River Island, Pumps are Primark, Jacket is H&M, Necklace is River Island, Nails are Primark

High Street

High End

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas: Gift Ideas for Girls Under £35

Us females can be tricky to buy for so if you are struggling to think up a a present for the sister who enjoys shopping and sunbathing or a girlfriend who loves dancing and drinking look no further. All products are under £35 and I have picked five different styles with fashion muses including Alexa Chung, Khloe Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Hudgens & Miley Cyrus.

Chic yet Relaxed like Alexa Chung & Keira Knightley

Glamorous and Bold like Khloe Kardashian & Beyoncé

Boyish and Cool like Kristen Stewart & Ellie Goulding

Laid back and Stylish like Nicole Richie & Vanessa Hudgens

Wild and Colourful like Miley Cyrus & Rihanna

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Life: December 2013 Loves

Here are my loves for this month, this is a post carried on from my Pass the Candy blog

  1. Topshop Tartan Shirt, £30, I am loving tartan at the moment and this cute shirt would go with so much, I tried it on with the leather shorts and loved the look.
  2. River Island Black Ankle Boots, £38, I love these boots and I think you could wear them out to a party or during the day shopping as the heel is chunky and not too high.
  3. Marc B Pink Quilted Bag, £39, I love a quilted bag, I have a black one that I bought about six years ago and I've used it to death. I adore this pastel pink shade I think it is far more versatile then you would at first presume.
  4. M.U.A Glitter Eye Palette, £4, I use purple and pink on my eyes all the time and with the added glitter in this set it is just perfect
  5. Project Social Jersey, £30, I am such a huge fan of Los Angeles and anything associated with L.A and this comfortable jersey is simply perfect for lazy days 
  6. Topshop Leather Shorts, £30, I have been looking everywhere for a pair of leather shorts and Topshop offered the best fit for me 
  7. New Look Pleather Jacket£29.99, My current faux leather jacket is battered and barely wearable, I bought it from New Look back in 2007 so I am trusting that this New Look will offer me the same style and comfort
  8. One Direction 'Our Moment' Perfume, £19.99, This smells divine! I swear! It is pretty sweet scent with a hint of musk but everyone who sniffs it loves it
  9. Demi Lovato 'Staying Strong' Book, £11, I love Demi Lovato and I honestly cannot wait to read this, I just know it will be extremely inspiring. 
  10. Topshop Bat Symbol Tights, £10, These quirky tights are super cute and I love the cute little bat detail to change up an outfit
  11. L'Oreal Hair Chalk, £15, I have coloured hair extensions and love adding some bright colour to my hair and this hair chalk seems the perfect way to play around with colour
What have you been craving this month? Are you spending all of your money on presents like me?

Monday, 9 December 2013

Music: December 2013 Playlist

So this isn't particularly Christmassy....maybe I should make a Christmas playlist too? There are a few old songs on here that I forgot about but love :)
  1. One More Sleep- Leona Lewis
  2. Drive- Miley Cyrus
  3. I See Fire- Ed Sheeran
  4. Another Sad Song- Lower Than Atlantis
  5. When We Collide- Calum Hood
  6. Fate- Our Last Night
  7. Love is on the Radio- McBusted
  8. Happily- One Direction
  9. Fiction- Avenged Sevenfold
  10. Bad Girls Club- Falling In Reverse

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Music: Avenged Sevenfold Gig Review

Who: Avenged Sevenfold

Where: Phones 4 U Arena, Manchester
When: 30th November 2013
Best Songs: Nightmare, Bat Country
Their first UK tour with new drummer Arin Ilejay, Avenged Sevenfold were on top form as their paraded the stage of Manchester performing their greatest tunes from a variation of albums. 
Formed in 1999, the California based band has seen a few members come and go but has always had lead vocalist M Shadows and lead guitarist Zacky Vengeance at the forefront of the game. They were joined by current rhythm guitarist Synyster Gates at the end of '99 and bassist Johnny Christ in 03. Most people will recall their drummer being Jimmy 'The Rev' Sullivan who sadly died of a drug overdose in the Winter of 2009, this year Arin Ilejay took over the drums and the current line-up came to be.
This is the third time I have seen Avenged Sevenfold live but the first time at a gig dedicated to just them and they put on one hell of a show. The iconic Death Bat symbol was often encased with flames and explosions fired off throughout the set as the audience screamed along with M Shadows to hits such as Nightmare and Bat Country.
They opened up with their latest single Shepherds of Fire from the Hail to the King album and it was an immediate crowd-pleaser, followed by Critical Acclaim and (a personal favourite) Welcome to the Family. Being the brilliant showman that he is M Shadows has a certain knack for making the audience feel like they are the best crowd ever, encouraging screams, moshing and chanting the crowd went crazy every time he opened his mouth.
Of course tribute was made to The Rev and even the hardest of metal-heads was wiping away tears as M Shadows honored their lost friend with Fiction, and, for me, Hail to the King will forever be about the bands greatly missed drummer.
We were also given an outstanding guitar solo from Synyster Gates that, perhaps, lasted a little longer then was necessary but seriously showcased his insane skills, you could honestly feel that everybody was astounded by the pure ease in which he seems to play.
They finished the set with the much-anticipated Bat Country but were shouted back on with an encore where they blew the roof off with Chapter Four and (another favourite) Unholy Confessions. With energy still at a high the band completely owned possibly their most famous song and it sounded just as amazing live as it does on the album from nine years ago. 
I was blown away, more than ever, by the incredible talent of all the members; the speed of Arin's drumming, the ease of Synster's strumming and the vocals on M Shadows are unbelievable. Whether or not you enjoy Avenged Sevenfolds music they are the type of band you cannot help but appreciate and, dare I say, envy.

Avenged Sevenfold never fail to impress with fire, lights, raw talent and constant crowd involvement. I cannot wait to see what they have to offer at Download Festival 2014.


Life: November Monthly Round Up

It's December....Ahhh!!!
OK so November was semi-eventful, here is my monthly round up of the chilly month, maybe bullet points will make it less wordy?

  1. Well it was Bonfire Night which I loved! I am a tad obsessed with fireworks, they're so pretty I just love them. I went out with my dad, two of my sisters, her boyfriend and their three children 
  2. We were giving our next set of uniform for work, wahey! A pair of trousers and three tops for us :) Last time I picked jeans so this time I decided to spice it up a bit, I still have one more top to choose so a post on that is yet to come.
  3. I went to go and see Thor with my sister and it was FREAKING AWESOME. Tom Hiddleston is amazing as Loki and I am a big Kat Dennings fan and I also have a bit of a crush on Chris Hemsworth too.....who doesn't, right?
  4. I had a week off from work where I pretty much slept for a week and watched far too many TV shows (Supernatural, Arrow, Witches of East End, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story...)
  5. I went to see 5 Seconds of Summer at KOKO in London and they were brilliant but there was a lot of screaming, click on the band name to check out my review :) I also met a girl there with similar taste in music which is cool.
  6. I was also lucky enough to head up North to Manchester to see Avenged Sevenfold live too and I am currently writing up a review on the night. I went with Mitch and they were pretty damn awesome, we stayed at the Novotel which was OK, the Christmas Market was on too but we didn't get a chance to look around :(
  7. I went out for food with my sister, dad and his girlfriend at a pub in Cobham called The Cricketers. I loved the pub it had a 'Hogsmeade' feel about it but the food wasn't so great :(
  8. November seemed to be the month every body announced (and released tickets for) their tour dates. Katy Perry, McBusted, 5 Seconds of Summer and Taylor Swift to name but a few. I managed to grab myself some Taylor Swift and 5 Seconds of Summer tickets though. YAY!
  9. I also gave Midnight Memories by One Direction a listen, you can check out my review of that here :)

How was your November? I am excited for December as I will be heading up to Birmingham to see my friend and that will involves lots of cocktails!