Saturday, 14 December 2013

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

12/12/13- Work
Monochrome & Metallic
In case you didn't know I work in retail and every few months I receive uniform allowance as you can only wear stuff from the store you work in. It's pretty good as after a few cycles you really start to accumulate a good collection of clothes, I also like that because you have to show all the different trends it almost forces you to experiment with fashion. You also have to find different ways to wear the same staple pieces which is pretty fun too!
Anyway, on my Pass the Candy blog I had started to create posts of my outfits but I have decided to transfer that over to this blog and here is my first :) 
I will try and recreate the outfit with 'high street' and 'high end' items:

Original outfit of the day: Skirt is River Island, T-Shirt is River Island, Pumps are Primark, Jacket is H&M, Necklace is River Island, Nails are Primark

High Street

High End

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