Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Life: Christmas 2013

WOW. Another Christmas done with.
Christmas started on 22nd for me really! But this little post is just about the actual day itself :)
I had to work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day but I still managed to go visit my mum in Birmingham, I trekked up Christmas Eve night and traveled back Boxing Day morning at 7am!!! It was LONG but worth it for that one day with the family. It felt particularly special this year after the rather rocky 2013 we all had. 
I do wish that I had a few more days off as I am well and truly knackered but never mind!
I know that everybody says this but my mum is literally the best cook ever, her food is just amazing. We had a delicious mix of pancakes, fruit, bacon, eggs, sausages, croissants and toast for breakfast then (of course) the best meal EVER- Christmas dinner-followed by rocky road slices, Christmas pudding, mince pies and far too many chocolate and sweets! We played a few games here and there and also a quiz which myself and Amy (my sisters friend) won! OH YEAH! But because I had to catch the coach back to London the next day I didn't drink much and had to have an early night :( 
I received some amazing presents, as always, I shall attempt to make a list....just won't go into too much detail....

Rimmel eye-shadow palette, Rimmel spacedust nail polish, Accessorize socks, notepad, River Island gift voucher, Disney cuddly toy, River Island tartan dress, Chanel compact mirror, gig tickets (5 Seconds of Summer & Taylor Swift), Bourjois nail pearls, Etsy Nail stickers, Harry Potter light stickers, ASOS Selfie t-shirt, Mockingjay pin, personalized calendar, underwear, nightlight, tropical scented candle and candle holder, Languages of Middle Earth book, chocolate, Body-shop Musk set & Black VANS

I hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas and Santa sent you everything you wanted! I know I certainly received more than I could have imagined :D

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