Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Life: December 2013 Monthly Round Up

Is it seriously 2014?

  1. Back to work on 2nd December after a week off, it was nice to see everyone but I was so tired! Also my friend Lauren fell down the stairs and in't at work so that's rubbish :(
  2. Reading Festival announced that Blink 182 are headlining! OMG. My favourite band back in the UK, I must go!!
  3. Talking of Blink 182 (they are also one of my Michaela's favourites) I traveled up to Birmingham to see the bestie for a long weekend :) I only had to change at London Euston which was good. 
  4. We went to see Catching Fire at the cinema and it was AWESOME! Even better than the first one I think :)
  5. We also went out and it was so much fun, we went to a bar called Jekyll and Hyde and had some delicious cocktails (Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Blueberry Twist, Candy Cane) then headed out to an Australian themed club and everyone was hammered! We just laughed at ll the crazy drunks!
  6. We also got a tattoo each. Mine was just a little cross on my thumb but Michaela got a massive pocket watch tattoo, took nearly three hours! OUCH.
  7. I had the Christmas party at work but it was on a Sunday and I was working on the Monday! I still drank way too many cocktails and shots though....Not everybody from my work came along but a few did and so did some of the Christmas temps which was ace as they are all cool.
  8. Although December started OK I had some bad news later. On the 18th my cousin and Aunt were in an accident and my cousin didn't make it, my aunt was put in a coma and they told us she will have severe brain damage. Although we hadn't seen that for some time it was such a shock and horrible news to hear, it was my mums sister who was hurt, I swear my mums just has so much shit thrown at her and she just gets stronger and stronger. 
  9. We had planned a night out with two of my sisters and my dad a while back, it included a meal out and the Christmas panto, despite the circumstances it went ahead. My mum just wanted us to enjoy it as much as we could.
  10. Then of course we had Christmas and New Years. Check out my Christmas post here, I didn't do anything for New Years in fact I'm writing this as it nears midnight. I'm working New Years Day and don't get paid till Friday :(
  11. I saw Mitch briefly at the end of December, we did some shopping and watched a few films; The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Zero Dark Thirty, The Worlds End and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. The 1st two were brilliant, the third was good but the fourth not so much....

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