Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fashion: Work Uniform December '13 - February '14

I received my second set of uniform around December time, you can take as long as you like to pick what you fancy but you MUST have all of your uniform by the time the next set comes through. We usually have about six to eight weeks in between cycles so it probably won't be too long before our next, around February most likely.
You can see what I picked last time here although annoying I have somehow lost one of my tops from back then! Very frustrating, even more annoying is that most of my clothes are now in sale so technically we shouldn't be wearing them.

I really wanted this trousers but we didn't have my size so I bought size bigger and they are pretty massive, I had to roll them at the waist-band! A tad annoying. 
Also the dress was a present so I guess it doesn't technically count as uniform but I can wear it to work any day which is a bonus.
I think I have a pretty decent selection now so I can mix up some outfits, will be creating some blogposts on outfits soon!

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