Monday, 10 February 2014

Life: January 2014 Monthly Round Up

So long January...

  1. So work in 2014 was most certainly a change! Within the first week of January I had a job interview at another store and found out the week after that they wanted t o offer me the role of Product Manager of Menswear and Kidswear! I honestly could not believe it, I've only been working for the company for 5 months!
  2. I took the role :) I wasn't sure because I quite simply love everybody that I work with, the shop is easy for me to get to and I am pretty content but I know that I have to move on up at some point. I trained for three weeks and start at the new store next week!
  3. I was gutted to find out my friend Lauren was leaving work but on a plus they hired one of the temps called Amelia who I get on really well with which is always good.
  4. I've been to visit my Auntie Sam in hospital a few times and I think me and my sisters will try and go once a week now, she has made some improvement but not much.
  5. I had three birthdays throughout January, my niece Lily, my sister Bryony and Mitch's mums.
  6. I traveled down to Devon for Mitch's mums birthday, we went out for a meal at a carvery which was delicious. We also played a few games such as Scene It! with the family and just generally spent some time together.
  7. For Bryzs birthday we went to a restaurant called La Fiamma in Hampton Court and I had a delicious risotto, was SO YUM. I made her Blondies and we also had a lemon cake made by The Jolly Baker, it was so divine and well-priced too! I had a few cocktails but was working the next day! Rubbish. 
  8. Talking of birthdays my dad has chosen a theme for his 60th and also set a date. 12th April and 'Song Titles' best get thinking hadn't I?!
  9. I have to work weekends now which is a little annoying so I have the odd day off during the week to catch up on blogging, writing and all the TV shows I watch (32 to be exact)
  10. Myself and Maisy are thinking of jetting off on holiday at some point which will be cool I haven't been abroad in years! Like eight years! 
  11. Film wise I watched Wolf of Wall Street and Frozen. Both, obviously, very different but amazing nonetheless, I can honestly say I enjoyed them equal amounts! Leonardo DiCaprio never fails to offer a stellar performance and Frozen has a rather hilarious Snowman in it....
  12. This month I struggled to find music for my playlist then BAM! Loads of new musicians followed me on Twitter or appeared out of nowhere, check out my playlist here

It has just hit February now and I am so unbelievably poor and I have just discovered how much it'll cost me to travel, much more than anticipated!
Anyway February looks to be a busy month! How is your 2014 going?

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