Friday, 14 February 2014

Music: Taylor Swift Gig Review

Who: Taylor Swift
Where: O2 Arena, London
When: 11th February 2014

Best Songs: All Too Well, I Knew You Were Trouble, Love Story

Taylor Swift provided a wonderfully versatile show as she performed the latest hits from her RED album and even offered some Taylor classics for her Swifties out there. 

Since the release of her first album back in 2006 Taylor Swift has gone on to achieve world-wide recognition. Swifts 4th album RED went straight to number one in over ten countries and after a wildly successful year, the 24 year old American toured the world with hits from said-album. The Vamps were her opening act; four Brit boys with instruments- not unlike McFly or 5 Seconds of Summer, so obviously I was a fan. They are all strong musicians with decent lyrics and catchy tunes- it must also be said that the lead singer has a rather Harry Styles air about him.
Taylor started with State of Grace, a random choice I feel, I thought she may have gone for 22 or even Red but nonetheless it was an astounding vocal performance and got the crowd on their feet. 
The thing with Taylor Swift is, not only can she write one hell of a song and has a beautiful voice which translates fabulously on stage but she simply adores her fans and this is reflected in her live shows. A little chat here and there as she makes each and every person in the crowd feel as though they are talking to their best friend. Songs such as Mean and Long Live make your realize just how normal this girl truly is- it just so happens that she is wildly talented.
There were no 'stand out' vocal performances as she hits every high and low note without fail but it is fair to say We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble involved some seriously long notes where she never went off key. These two also involved the most movement and a wonderful show of lights, colour and stage presence.
Visually it was fun and exciting; a beautiful ballet duo and wild violinist took to the stage during wardrobe changes and the backdop varied from old Hollywood glamour for The Lucky One to a romantic, fairy-tale like set for Love Story (where she appeared from a toy-box might I add...) 
Her surprise guest was Ellie Goulding and in all honesty I'm not thay much of a fan but everybody loved it and the two singers bounced off each other well as they performed Ellie's hit single Burn.
For me there is no denying the hypnosis of Taylor Swift and All Too Well was the most emotional and heart-felt performance I have seen from a performer in some time. 

As playful and fun as it is emotional and sincere, Taylor Swift offers a stellar performance whether she is jumping around with dancers or sat alone with just a piano. Never failing to make her fans proud, this is one concert you most certainly do not want to miss.

To check out the set list click here or head over to my Youtube account to watch some videos from the night


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