Monday, 17 March 2014

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

14/3/14- Sunny Walk
It was actually a little sunny the other day, a little windy still but no coat was required which was good! I went on a secret mission (a pretty long walk) with my sister for my dads birthday, this is what I wore :D

Original outift: Jeans are ASOS, blazer and hat is H&M, T-shirt is Topshop, Nail Polish are Barry M and Ted Baker and sandals are Peacocks.
High Street

High End

Friday, 7 March 2014

Music: March 2014 Playlist

Here we have March's playlist, slacking in the pop this month but I love it all the same. I was moaning about not having new music then eight bands started following me on Twitter! I shall continue to complain because apparently that just draws new music in! Check out below, a few of the new bands are there :D
  1. Nothing to Lose But You - Augustines
  2. Team - Lorde
  3. Strong- London Grammar
  4. Settle Down - The 1975
  5. Heartache on the Big Screen- 5 Seconds of Summer
  6. Find You There - We The Kings
  7. Magic - Coldplay
  8. Sleepwalking - The Wild Life
  9. Louder Than Words - Meaning in Masterpiece 
  10. Guilty All The Same - Linkin Park
  11. Dropping Bombs On Your Holiday - New Anthem Noise
  12. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Music: 5 Seconds of Summer Gig Review

Who: 5 Seconds of Summer
Where: Shepherds Bush Empire, London
When: 3rd March 2014

Best Songs: Amnesia, 18, She Looks So Perfect

It seems that since the last time 5 Seconds of Summer toured the UK they have been catapulted straight into the limelight. Attending the Brit Awards, appearing on countless radio stations, working with the likes of All Time Low, winning MTVs 'Breakthrough Band' award and finally releasing a single is just some of the life-changing moments for these four teenage guys. But Luke Hemmings, 17 (vocals and guitar) Calum Hood, 18 (vocals and bass) Michael Clifford, 18 (vocals and guitar) and Ashton Irwin, 19 (vocals and drums) were back on UK soil and playing to their insanely loyal fanbase, adorably nicknamed 'The 5SOS Fam.'
They were supported this time around by acoustic guitarist and singer Mike Dignam who offered a sweet, fun set reminiscent of Ed Sheeran, after he played a few tracks we had a small break then the 5 Seconds of Summer boys came out and 5SOS mania ensued.
Bearing in mind, some fans started queuing (and camping) for the gig the night before, this shows the dedicated and adoration the 5SOS Fam have for the four boys and this love goes both ways. One of the reasons the 4 Aussies are so loved by their 'Fam' is because of the constant interaction via social media. In particular the drummer Ashton is known for taking a brilliant amount of selfies, Instagram videos, Keeks and constantly updating the fans on what the band is up to, these guys know how to show they care.
With this in mind you go into the gig knowing there will be screaming, crying etc but it is still really quite deafening when you are in the thick of it!
They started with a favourite of mine, Eighteen, a tongue-in-cheek record about dating somebody older and not being about to drink, party and generally hang out with them. It was a real crowd pleaser and everybody was on their feet. This was followed by Voodoo Doll and two new songs called Don't Stop and Heartache on the Big Screen, I must admit that I loved the latter, it was a catchy fun-filled track with a great beat and I believe it will be on their latest EP (scheduled for release this month.)
All the classics were there; Try Hard, Heartbreak Girl, Beside You and Lost Boy (which just gets better and better every time I hear it) and they performed the latest single She Looks So Perfect and I think that may have received the biggest cheer. 
Crowd interaction during songs was spot on, they encouraged singing, cheering, chanting and dancing, crowd interaction when they weren't playing songs was limited but it's a gig not a play, right? We're here for the music not the chat.
A stand out song for me was Amensia, an emotional and honest acoustic tune that pulled on your heart strings and offered mesmerizing vocal talent from both Calum and Luke.
The downfall of the gig was that it seemed too damn short, they may have performed 15 songs (you can check out the playlist here) but it seemed over in minutes. I guess that's evidence of an awesome gig. 

This time around I was enchanted by Michael's guitar skills, the speed of Ashton's drumming, the multi-talent of Luke and the deep funk of Calum. The crowd was crazier, the beat was heavier and the guys were stronger, cannot wait to see what else these lads have to offer.


Be sure to check out a few videos I made from the gig on YouTube

Fashion: Work Uniform February '14 - April '14

Uniform came around again. Woohoo! I spend it far too quickly though...I'm sure I'll find some other stuff that I really like before the next turned comes along. Anyway here is what I have so far.
Of course all is available from River Island!

I decided to mix it up a bit and purchase some high waisted trousers, these are the 'Tube Pants' and I literally love them! Everybody should invest in a pair!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

3/3/2014- 5 Seconds of Summer Gig
Cool Blue

I went to go and see 5 Seconds of Summer and it was PHENOMENAL. Man they are far too talented and far too hot to be real but anyway here is what I wore for the gig... :D

I've already written up a review of the November '13 gig which you can ready here,can't decide whether or not to do another

Original outfit:Jeans and necklace are River Island, Top and Rings are H&M, Nail Varnish is Bourjois, Lipstick is Rimmel and the Handbag is a cheeky ebay purchase

High Street
High End

Life: February 2014 Round Up

Rolling into Spring...

  1. I started at my new store and can you believe I was late on my first day?! It took my three hours as opposed to 40 minutes because of all the flooding! It was less than ideal to say the very least. 
  2. Talking of my new job, everyone is nice but it is very quiet, much quieter than my the store I worked in! It's a more challenging role though so that should be interesting.
  3. I went to go and see Taylor Swift with my gig buddy Kabya at the O2 for her RED tour, it was phenomenal, she put on a wonderful show, you can check out my concert review here :D 
  4. Later on in the week it was my friend Maisy's mums 50th birthday and they threw a Vegas themed party. It was SO much fun! I'm glad that I went along, free cocktails for everyone is always a winner!
  5. The next day was such a sunny, cool day and although I had to walk quite a trek to the train station hungover I didn't mind because Windsor is so pretty. 
  6. The weekend after that it was my friend Hannah's 25th and we went out in Clapham. It was a good night but so near the end of the month I was rather poor which is always annoying! 
  7. Lots of her friend I hadn't met before came out which is always exciting to meet new people
  8. I've been visiting my aunt in hospital with two of my older sisters on Sundays and she is making some sort of progress which is always good, it's going to be long journey but she has so much support
  9. In other news I watched Hansel and Gretal and I loved it! Ha. It was on Netflix and watched it whilst I was tidying my room, if you want a cheesy, fun fantasy action check it out. I also watched Welcome to the Punch- that wasn't so good!

As for March, I have a week off with a London gig, trip to York and some writing to do for my week off, I must say that 2014 is going worryingly well. Hows your year going?

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Life: March Loves 2014

I am far too optimistic about Summer....I just want it to be here now!
Check out what I am craving as we roll into Spring. I also love the little outfit of ripped jeans, slogan tee, green Vans, leather jacket and lilac handbag I have created here :D

  1. Accessorize 'Georgia Winged' Lilac Handbag, £32, I cannot recall the last time I was so in love with a handbag! The perfect bag for the surely beautiful summer we're going to have....
  2. Vans 'Sparkle Authentic Mint Shoes, £33, I don't even know what I used to wear on my feet before I had my black Vans but this jazzy pair need to find their way into my shoe collection!
  3. River Island Metallic Skirt, £25, I am so in love with metallics at the moment and I think this a-line skirt is perfect for day or night, love the rose gold tone too
  4. Boohoo Ripped Jeans, £25, I wish ripped jeans would hurry up and come back in fashion! It's hard to find some that are ripped enough for my liking. 
  5. Marks and Spencer Purple Bra and Pants, £14 & £6, I already have this set in coral and it fits like a glove! I adore this vivid purple shade and really need to invest in a new bra
  6. Jawbreaking 'Boy Bands...' Tee, £14, This sums me up so much! I love the Jawbreaking tees, you should check them out they really connect with their buyers
  7. River Island Cut Out Black Boots, £40, I am contemplating buying these beauties but I don't know how comfortable they would be for work, with my discount it would be such a steal!
  8. Urban Outfitters 'Thirsty Bitch' Flask, £12, I need a flask for hot drinks at the moment but when summer comes and I'm living off iced teas and ice lattes this will be bought!
  9. Disney Couture Beauty and the Beast Necklace, £69, I can't find my favourite piece of jewelry, which also happens to be Disney Couture but this Beauty and the Beast piece is gorgeous
  10. LOVE 'Bubblegum Pink' Dress, £32, This is a rather girly pick from me as I tend to wear black but I do love pink, it's just tricky to pull off
  11. Miss Selfridge Faux Leather Jacket, £52, My current leather jacket is seriously dying, it is barely black anymore where the material has been worn away (it is nearly ten years old mind!) I really should invest in another