Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Life: February 2014 Round Up

Rolling into Spring...

  1. I started at my new store and can you believe I was late on my first day?! It took my three hours as opposed to 40 minutes because of all the flooding! It was less than ideal to say the very least. 
  2. Talking of my new job, everyone is nice but it is very quiet, much quieter than my the store I worked in! It's a more challenging role though so that should be interesting.
  3. I went to go and see Taylor Swift with my gig buddy Kabya at the O2 for her RED tour, it was phenomenal, she put on a wonderful show, you can check out my concert review here :D 
  4. Later on in the week it was my friend Maisy's mums 50th birthday and they threw a Vegas themed party. It was SO much fun! I'm glad that I went along, free cocktails for everyone is always a winner!
  5. The next day was such a sunny, cool day and although I had to walk quite a trek to the train station hungover I didn't mind because Windsor is so pretty. 
  6. The weekend after that it was my friend Hannah's 25th and we went out in Clapham. It was a good night but so near the end of the month I was rather poor which is always annoying! 
  7. Lots of her friend I hadn't met before came out which is always exciting to meet new people
  8. I've been visiting my aunt in hospital with two of my older sisters on Sundays and she is making some sort of progress which is always good, it's going to be long journey but she has so much support
  9. In other news I watched Hansel and Gretal and I loved it! Ha. It was on Netflix and watched it whilst I was tidying my room, if you want a cheesy, fun fantasy action check it out. I also watched Welcome to the Punch- that wasn't so good!

As for March, I have a week off with a London gig, trip to York and some writing to do for my week off, I must say that 2014 is going worryingly well. Hows your year going?

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