Saturday, 1 March 2014

Life: March Loves 2014

I am far too optimistic about Summer....I just want it to be here now!
Check out what I am craving as we roll into Spring. I also love the little outfit of ripped jeans, slogan tee, green Vans, leather jacket and lilac handbag I have created here :D

  1. Accessorize 'Georgia Winged' Lilac Handbag, £32, I cannot recall the last time I was so in love with a handbag! The perfect bag for the surely beautiful summer we're going to have....
  2. Vans 'Sparkle Authentic Mint Shoes, £33, I don't even know what I used to wear on my feet before I had my black Vans but this jazzy pair need to find their way into my shoe collection!
  3. River Island Metallic Skirt, £25, I am so in love with metallics at the moment and I think this a-line skirt is perfect for day or night, love the rose gold tone too
  4. Boohoo Ripped Jeans, £25, I wish ripped jeans would hurry up and come back in fashion! It's hard to find some that are ripped enough for my liking. 
  5. Marks and Spencer Purple Bra and Pants, £14 & £6, I already have this set in coral and it fits like a glove! I adore this vivid purple shade and really need to invest in a new bra
  6. Jawbreaking 'Boy Bands...' Tee, £14, This sums me up so much! I love the Jawbreaking tees, you should check them out they really connect with their buyers
  7. River Island Cut Out Black Boots, £40, I am contemplating buying these beauties but I don't know how comfortable they would be for work, with my discount it would be such a steal!
  8. Urban Outfitters 'Thirsty Bitch' Flask, £12, I need a flask for hot drinks at the moment but when summer comes and I'm living off iced teas and ice lattes this will be bought!
  9. Disney Couture Beauty and the Beast Necklace, £69, I can't find my favourite piece of jewelry, which also happens to be Disney Couture but this Beauty and the Beast piece is gorgeous
  10. LOVE 'Bubblegum Pink' Dress, £32, This is a rather girly pick from me as I tend to wear black but I do love pink, it's just tricky to pull off
  11. Miss Selfridge Faux Leather Jacket, £52, My current leather jacket is seriously dying, it is barely black anymore where the material has been worn away (it is nearly ten years old mind!) I really should invest in another

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