Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Life: April 2014 Loves

April Loves is looking pretty different to March isn't it? I'm not sure why, I'd still love everything from all the previous months, that is for sure but there is much more black in this month with dashes of pastels (of course.)

  1. Cocaine & Caviar Snapback, £20, I love hats and I think snap-backs are really awesome but I know they can be tricky to for girls to pull off, either way I totally love this one
  2. River Island Leather Jacket, £60 I honestly cannot keep using my leather jacket and with this one I would get 50% discount so that would be just £30!
  3. ASOS Bandana, £6, I am totally obsessed with headbands and this one from ASOS is such a delightful shade, the lilac is girly but the print and style toughens it up
  4. Topshop Earrings, £7.50, How cool is this little collection? I love how Topshop present their jewelry too, I plan to have the majority of my ear pierced this would be perfect
  5. Nike Trainers, £69, OMG THESE ARE AMAZING. I cannot express my love for these. I may have to invest I can just tell they would be mega comfortable and the print is awesome.
  6. Miss Selfridge Skort, £25, The skorts at work are a weird fit on me but I'm still keeping my eye out for one and I love the subtlety of this one-plus the zip detail and colour
  7. River Island Tunic, £20, Basketball jerseys are a favourite of mine and I may pick this one when our new uniform comes around (although that's not until May...)
  8. Lime Crime Eyeliner in Orchidaceous, £8.30, There is some controversy around the Lime Crime brand but there is no denying the vibrancy of their products and I need a new purple eyeliner.
  9. New Look Cardigan, £19.99, I recently took a trip to New Look and their knitwear range was to die for! So many sorbet shades ideal for summer
  10. Boohoo Jeans, £25, I don't think I could rock candy coloured trousers but I do still love them, this pair in particular caught my eye
  11. Soap & Glory Lotion, £5.50, Soap and Flory honestly create such fabulous products and I love a little shimmer in my life!
  12. Benefit Watts Up Highlighter, £24.50, Speaking of shimmer I really want to invest in a highlighter, my friend Hannah swear buys them and she is a beauty guru!

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