Sunday, 20 April 2014

Life: March Round Up

I'ts nearly the end of April and I completely forgot about this round up! Woops!

  1. Well I went to go and see 5 Seconds of Summer for the 2nd time with my friend Kabya at Shepherds Bush Empire, you can read my review or that gig here. It was an awesome gig and one of the best nights out I've ever had! We didn't have the best experience with the fans last time but this time we met some really sweet girls.
  2. Talking of the gig I bought a new camera the day before it is a Canon and is awesome! I managed to take some awesome photos and videos. You can take a look at the videos on my Youtube channel, I'll be attending more gigs soon so keep updated.
  3. A few days later I went up to York to visit my friend Hannah, she's moving back to London soon but I wanted to have some time with her whilst she was still up North. It was great to visit the city; we drank alcohol, explored York and ate far too much.
  4. When I was travelling back I somehow managed to book my coach ticket for the day before but the coach driver was so nice and let me use the coach anyway! So kind of him!
  5. I also dyed my hair purple, it was more of a bland violet really! It had more of an effect then any other hair dye but made my hair so dry :(
  6. I went to go and see The Grand Budapest Hotel with my dad and sister and we all loved it! It's a pretty quirky movie but it is so clever and funny and I recommend it to everyone!
  7. I saw Mitch for a few days too, he came down and we hung out which was cool.
  8. I had a slight drama as my laptop charger decided to die at one point! I had to order another one, I literally didn't have my laptop for 2 days and I was so lost. That is shocking I know.
  9. Back to work after my week off and it has been so hectic because of SALE. I worked past 11pm on SALE launch night, it was so long. We will be having a student event coming up soon so if you're student be sure to check out River Island in the next few weeks for discount :D

 I'm excited for April but I don't have any gigs planned which makes me sad :( It is my dads 60th party though :)

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