Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Life: May 2014 Loves

May Loves is a mixture of grey with dashes of colour and a little tropical print, perfect for Summer and the festival season

  1. River Island Maxi Skirt, £22, I love my black maxi skirt but this grey one with the split is awesome, ruching would be totally flattering as well
  2. Mango Blazer, £44.99, This is the perfect cover up for summer, the yellow would brighten up any outfit and I seriously love a blazer
  3. Project Social Raglan, £23, Project Social have the best tops! All inspired by L.A which I love :)
  4. Skinny Tee Clutch, £40, More often than not I have a clutch bag on this list! They always seem to be perspex and clear too...
  5. Miss Selfridge Dress, £18, I do love this shape but I'm not sure it would be that flattering on my body type but I thought I would throw it into the mix anyway
  6. New Look Crop Top, £9.99, 
  7. Tie Dye Converse, £40, I have a pair of pink high top Converse but I think the normal ones will be better for summer and I love this colour (plus they're in the sale!)
  8. "The difference between pizza..." Tee, £26, I have seen this t-shirt make the rounds for the past 6 months or so and I literally love it, I mean, who doesn't agree?!
  9. Vera Wang 'Princess' Perfume, £44.50, I am slowly but surely running out of my Oh, Lola! by Marc Jacobs perfume and I just used the last of my Cinéma by YSL fragrance so I'm thinking of going back to Vera Wang

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Music: May 2014 Playlist

My May playlist is a mainly new music with a few from last year, I am waiting patiently for Pierce the Veil to release new music so have been listening to their old stuff! Also I discovered a few bands this month and picked my favourite songs from their EPs and shiz :D
  1. Birthday - Katy Perry
  2. Fancy - Iggy Azalea 
  3. Summer - Calvin Harris
  4. Don't Stop - 5 Seconds of Summer
  5. Somebody To You - The Vamps
  6. Me and My Broken Heart - Rixton
  7. Tangled In The Great Escape - Pierce The Veil
  8. All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran
  9. Hold Onto Me - Mayday Parade
  10. To Be Alive - We Are Forever
  11. Hollow - 20 Second Century
  12. Where Did All My Friends Go - Jamie Campbell Bower/The Darling Buds

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Life: April 2014 Round Up

I need to get back on the blogging scene, I've been busy on most of my days off so haven't had a chance to write up some posts which is frustrating but I'm going to be back on form this month.

  1. It was my dads 60th birthday and we celebrated by having a big ole' party! It was so much fun! The theme was song titles and I dressed up as a Peacock
  2. The next day, however, it was my cousins funeral. It was a sad day, made that much worse by all the children that were in attendance. 
  3. One of my best friends Hannah has moved back to London which is fab and we went to Brighton on one of my days off. It was great fun, we had the most delicious ice cream from Gelato Gusto. 
  4. It was Mitch's birthday at the end of April so I headed down to Devon to see him, we went into Exeter and I had my nose pierced again (double for me) and Mitch had his done too! I bought him tickets to London Film and Comic Con, some clothes, notepad and pen and Marvel Monopoly. 
  5. We also went to Giraffe, our new favourite eating place! I had risotto Apple Martini and Mitch has mango and chicken salad with Strawberry Smash cocktail. Was SO GOOD.
  6. I spent about half an hour (I have such a bad attention span) on a day off teaching myself guitar, I can officially play the odd chord! Wahey! Switching from chord to chord, however, is a different story....
  7. Talking of music my friend Kabya (the infamous gig buddy) managed to snag a couple of tickets to Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow and is giving me one! SO PSYCHED. It's for the Saturday so we get to see One Direction, Ed Sheeran and Coldplay. So exciting :D

I have a week off in May just before Radio 1's Big Weekend but I don't get paid before which is frustrating but I think I'll have my hair done at some point. Ombre here I come....

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

10/4/2014- Day of Work

I've been wanting these shoes for ages and they were reduced from £45 to £10 in the sale! Such a steal.

Original outfit: All is River Island.
High Street

High End