Monday, 2 June 2014

Life: May 2014 Round Up

It is OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Yaya. I am so excited for Summer, it better be good!
To be so far 2014 has been the best in a while, check out how my May went :D

  1. So it was Mitch's birthday at the end of April and I wrote about this in my other post but technically I went down in May! 
  2. I like Devon, it's a quiet little place and Mitch has the cutest dog called Diesel he's not exactly small but he's so playful.
  3. I also had a week off mid May and Mitch came to visit, twice in one month, so unlike us.
  4. We went into Richmond for a day because it was so sunny! We had a wander around, walk down by the river and bought cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery-so delicious!
  5. We headed into Kingston too for some shopping and we also checked out Five Guys as everybody has been going on about it, the food was OK but the fizzy drinks were INSANE. Like 500 flavours or something absurd.
  6. We also watched Godzilla and The Amazing Spiderman at the cinema, both were awesome!
  7. For the weekend of my holiday I headed up to Glasgow with Kabya and her friend Nicole (who is so sweet) for Radio 1's Big Weekend and it was AWESOME!
  8. I endured a nine hour coach journey from London to Glasgow and when I finally reached Scotland (never been before!) the road that the hotel I was staying in was closed off due to a fire! After a rather long walk around with my suitcase, chats with many policeman I reached my hotel- nobody was hurt BTW
  9. The next day we started queuing at nine and was let into the arena eleven then had to wait till one for the first act- One Direction FYI :)
  10. The night was AMAZING. I am so thankful of Kabya for grabbing us some free tickets, I managed to tick off so many bands/artists I've wanted to see live and there were even some surprise awesomeness.
  11. I managed to see One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, Pharrell, Lily Allen, Lorde, Calvin Harris and Coldplay. For me Jake Bugg and Lily Allen weren't so great, I didn't enjoy them so much (sorry!) But Coldplay were up their with the best live bands EVER. I'm glad I finally got to see One Direction and Ed Sheeran was awesome as was Calvin Harris' DJ set.
  12. When I came back I headed over to the dentist and discovered I need eight fillings and possible root canal treatment-awesome. I do eat a ridiculous amount of sweets, so that's finally catching up with me. It'll a ridiculous of money too so no new hair for me!
I have another week booked off in June and I'm hoping to go abroad with my friend Maisy :) Although we are yet to book a holiday.....What are your summer plans?

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