Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Life: July 2014 Round Up

  1. July has definitely been quite a chilled month, I haven't done that much compared to May and June.
  2. We've been super busy at work as the Summer SALE is in full swing. I worked 10am-11pm on launch night, as knackered as I was I had a great team and we laughed a lot!
  3. I headed to Comic Con with Mitch at the beginning of the month we went last year and loved it, I think it will be annual thing from now on
  4. The comic book legend Stan Lee was there, we checked out the talk with him as well as a Games of Thrones talk. So many people dressed up and it was lovely weather-although my sandal broke whilst we were walking around!
  5. I went to the dentist, certainly less fun, for more fillings. To be honest they weren't any better, actually worse with the work done. Hopefully it'll improve
  6. I have started reading The Rise of Nine, which is the third book in the Lorien Legacies, I'm struggling to get into it as much as I did with I Am Number Four and The power Of Six- hoping that it picks up though
  7. I did a bit of shopping, headed over to Westfield. I bought two tops, a pair of tube pants, heeled sandals and a snapback-FINALLY.
  8. I have also become seriously hooked on the Kim Kardashian Hollywood App! This is why I haven't done anything, too busy playing that! You should check it out, it's fun-but be warned it's very addictive!
  9. I've started my fictional writing again, I have struggled to find the time in the past year but at one stage it was all I did so I'm trying my best to squeeze some in everyday-if I can

August is up next and it's my birthday. I think I'll be going out on 16th, Harry Potter Tour on 23rd and (possibly) Reading Festival on 24th!  

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