Monday, 8 September 2014

Life: August 2014 Round Up

  1. August has been such a good month! Yay, much busier then July that is for sure.
  2. Well it was my birthday on 17th and my manager Charlotte's birthday the day before so we went out on 16th and it was SO MUCH FUN. I went out with loads of people from work and it was one of the best nights out I'd had in a while. I love getting ready and dressed up and the girls at work do too, love that!
  3. I went out the weekend after with some of my family for a meal at an Italian which was delicious!
  4. I do feel the need to add that I ordered over £75 worth of dresses from Missguided at 1am on Friday morning and selected Next Day Delivery and I didn't receive them till MONDAY. I wanted to wear one of the dresses for my birthday I was let down that they didn't turn up! Just a heads up to you all!
  5. The same weekend me and Mitch went to Warner Bros Harry Potter Tour in London and it was phenomenal! The Harry Potter series, both book and film, have inspired me and played such an important part in my life it was amazing to see the sets, props and costume in real life. I was ever so slightly overwhelmed.
  6. I spent far too much money and bought a Howarts throw, Luna Lovegood's wand, chocolate frog and Bertie Blotts every flavour beans!
  7. I didn't manage to attend Reading Festival, I was so gutted I didn't get to see Blink 182 that I can't even watch videos on Youtube! But I couldn't get the time off work. So upset about that :( I just hope they tour again but at least somebody else got to go in my place
  8. Me and Mitch watched Maleficent which we didn't think was that great, we also went to Frankie and Bennys for food as I'm always going on about it
  9. I was back at work but sadly it was my managers last week :'( so gutted that she left! I think it can be tricky to find a manager/boss that you get on really well with and I found Charlotte a fab manager
  10. We all went out again in Kingston for her leaving do, it was a bit chaotic and we were running extremely late but we all made it out in the end
  11. Although Char has gone now, Great British Bake Off is back and she loves it as much as I do so we chat about that! Already have favs (Richard ;))
  12. I received some awesome presents for my birthday; Mitch bought me my Reading ticket which was later sold so technically he got my the Harry Potter goodies as well as tickets to see All Time Low (YES SO EXCITED) and a super pretty Pandora charm, special edition Ariel piece. My sisters bought me Vera Wang Princess perfume as well as this super cool silhouette poster from The Goonies, my dad and his girlf are giving me dollars for America in November, my friend Keyla bought me a gorgeous gold ring with my birthstone (Peridot) and everybody at work bought me a coat from work I have been eyeing up!
  13. We also have uniform at work so I'll upload a post on that sometime soon once I have selected it all, it's tricky because it's still warm but I know it's definitely going to get chilly soon!
  14. Sadly I must mention August we lost many icons, I was most saddened by the passing of Robin Williams and if you ever have the chance PLEASE watch Good Will Hunting. Your move chief. 

Well now it's the end of Summer although tbh it's still pretty warm! Are you ready for Autumn?

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