Saturday, 7 February 2015

Life: January Round Up

2015 is already turning out to be quite eventful! January certainly brought with it some fun and I found the month flew by.

  1. It was one of my best friend Lauren's 20th birthday so a load of us headed out to Kingston for the night. I love getting dressed up with the girls, pre-drinking, tanning and doing make up before a big cheesy night of dancing and drinking. 
  2. I had a week off from work and managed to cram so much in! Mitch came down for five days and we went to the National History Museum, watched Whiplash, Kingsman: Secret Service and John Wick. They were all good, John Wick wasn't quite as good as the other two but enjoyable nonetheless. We managed to get tickets for an early screening of Kingsman and I'm so glad, it was awesome! We also ate out at Jamies Diner which was delicious and had a little trip to Drop Dead and MItch bought me a new hat :)
  3. I spent the day with my ultimate BFF Keyla too, she's just recently got engaged and guess whose in charge of the Hen Night?! :D So excited
  4. I also went out for pizza with my friend Hannah who lives in London and I hadn't seen her for a while, it must have been the fourth time I had pizza in the week! Totally addicted.
  5. I had my hair dyed a few times and cut through January, the ends are now an oceanic aquamarine colour and I'm thinking about going shorter with more colour but it's defos higher maintenance.
  6. I had my first ever smear test and it was nowhere near as bad as you think it's going to be. I think the age needs to be lowered for this anyway as it is a scary thought, it's a quick and easy procedure which you needn't be scared of, just get it over and done with
  7. I was supposed to have an interview in January for a supervisor role in Kingston but I ended up going with my friend to the hospital and couldn't rearrange, I honestly think what will be will be so that job role clearly wasn't for me
  8. It was also my sisters 30th birthday and we celebrated it by going to The Folly in London with friends and family and my it was eventful! Let me just suggest that you never go to The Folly EVER. We pre-booked and re-ordered our food a fair few days before but we had to wait over an hour for our table then another half an hour of food which was cold and under cooked! Horrendous. In spite of that cocktails were in full swing and I ended up at a casino! So a good night!

It is two of my best best birthdays in February both Hannah and Millie's so some good nights out coming up!

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