Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Life: March 2015 Loves

Are you in the mood for Spring? I sure am, I cannot wait for Easter and then for the joys of Summer. Here are the things I am craving this March:

  1. River Island Slogan Bag, £55, I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it our River Insider magazine, come pay day I'm definitely buying it!
  2. Illustrated People Skirt, £30, The bodycon skirt is awesome, it would cool and casual with vans and a denim jacket or paired with heels for a night out
  3. Miss Selfridge Faux Leather Jacket, £49, I'm after a coloured leather jacket to throw over a dress in summer, both Miss Selfridge and River Island have some lovely ones.
  4. Missguided Pink Stiletto, £30, How hot are these? I'm such a sucker for heels and I only own one pair of pink one and they're heeled sandals so these stilettos are a must
  5. Boohoo 'Daisy' Sunglasses, £6, I'm totally obsessing over sunglasses at the moment and £6 is a complete steal!
  6. Benefit 'Sun Beam' Highlighter, £19.50, I've nearly ran out of this beauty must have, it lasts for ages and is a staple for the up and coming months when you have a tan
  7. ASOS Skull Watch, £20, I'm not usually into watches but this ASOS beautiful caught my eye when I was flicking through their website the other day and it's only £20!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Fashion: Work Uniform February '14 - April '15

This is always a trick period because it's transitional layout and stock, half A/W and half S/S so I had a struggle deciding what to buy.

All available online and in store from River Island, the jeans have even gone into promo for £25! 

Music: March 2015 Playlist

So here is my March playlist!

Media is hating me at the moment I can't put any music on my ipod because the lead is messed up and bit torrent would download anything!
  1. The Veronicas - If You Love Someone
  2. Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do
  3. Ed Sheeran - Dirrty (Christina Aguilera cover)
  4. Hollywood Undead - Usual Suspects 
  5. FIDLAR - Cocaine
  6. 5 Seconds of Summer - I Can't Remember
  7. Halestorm - Mayhem
  8. As It Is - Dial Tones

Life: February Round Up

Spring is coming! Woohoo! February wasn't as busy as January but March has definitely picked up.

  1. I went and had my hair cut at the start of February, I had a fair bit cut off. It was in dire need of a trim and my roots seriously needed doing, I'm still rocking green ends though.
  2. I celebrated Valentines Day with Lauren and a night out in Kingston, it was SO MUCH FUN. I love the pre-drinking, getting ready session we have before and Hippodrome can always be relied on to play some brilliant cheesy tunes. Too many free drinks and a great deal of dancing ensued.
  3. I went and had my nails done with my sister and a new place I've not tried before. It was only £20 for a full set of acrylics which is pretty decent; I went for square and lilac with glitter this time but have now changed to black and turquoise sparkles!
  4. My new Reebok trainers finally arrived and they are so pretty, I love some pastel pink and lilac action! I also bought a new phone case that has taken me forever to hunt down- It's Mean Girls inspired
  5. We have just been given our new uniform allowance so I have to purchase some new clothes soon!
  6. One of the girls I used to work with Millie, recently left and moved to North London and it was her birthday in February so a group of us were supposed to go out but disaster struck the day before; my tooth fell out!
  7. I ended up going for an emergency appointment with the dentist and he gave me four fillings with no pre-injection! I had a banging headache the next day and my mouth hurt quite a bit, not ideal for a night of raving. Sugar free sweets and protein bars for me now!
  8. I decided not to go, Millie was totally fine with it but I felt guilty as hell, bailing is my least favourite thing, I pride myself on not agreeing to something unless I know I can go! We promised to meet up soon, it's been too long.
  9. The week after it was my sisters boyfriend birthday and we headed around their for beers and curry, my brother who I haven't seen for ages was there so it was good to catch up.
  10. I ended going out for a curry too the weekend after with three girls I used to work with, it was so much fun to chat, chill and drink. Keeping in contact with people can be so hard but it's so important to stay in touch. We went to The Mogul, I totally recommend it.
  11. TV wise I've managed to watch an entire series of The Librarians, I love it! Fantasy is totally my thing, plus there is a hot Australian Korean actor who sent me so Twitter love, so y'know, there's that.
  12. As for Music, Sleeping with Sirens keep releasing new stuff which is awesome, still waiting on Pierce the Veil though and I discovered a band called As It Is who I am loving. 

March has two gigs, a few nights out, a trip to Devon and summer prepping involved. Cannot wait for 2015 to continue.