Thursday, 14 May 2015

Life: May 2015 Loves

  1. Skinny Elena 'Spell Book' Vegan Clutch, £145, I fell crazy in love with this awesome bag and then I realized they do both leather and animal friendly vegan clutches! This will be mine one day, I haven't loved a clutch so much in some time.
  2. River Island 'Erin' Jeans, £42, These look like the Tube Pants I usually buy from River Island but with a slightly more denim look to them. I haven't been able to find Tube Pants in dark colours recently so maybe these Erin jeans are replacing them
  3. Miss Selfridge Dress, £45, Miss Selfridge is my go-to store for dresses, I love their fit and they always have awesome colours and body-con is my favourite shape, this hot lime green pick will be a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe.
  4. Disney Couture Necklace, £85, I love a quirky statement necklace and Disney Couture is easily one of my favourite jewelry designers. This is an incredible piece that I you could wear for day or night and every season!
  5. Paul Smith 'Rose' Perfume, £25, I tested this at the airport when I went to Venice and I fell in love! It's not too expensive either.
  6. Topshop 'Resort' Heels, £49, These style heels seem to be everywhere at the moment but is my favourite colour and print combination so far and under £50 isn't bad for a summer party heel.
  7. Accessorize Heart Rings, £6, How adorable are these rings? I love stacking rings and these would inject some colour into my usual silver and gold rings
  8. Drop Dead 'Mermaid' Shorts, £45, Drop Dead do the coolest pieces. These mermaid shorts are my new love, at £45 they're not cheap but I think they are totally worth it, I'm just not sure I'd ever wear teeny tiny shorts!
  9. Nike 'Thea' Trainers, £75, My Roshe trainers were such a great purchase I have joined the Nike trainer obsession and this delightful aqua Thea's are to die for.
  10. Mac 'Fleshpot' Lipstick, £15.50, Everybody raves about MAC lipstick and I recently lost my nude lip colour so I may finally invest in a decent MAC one

Life: March & April 2015 Round Up

This is a SUPER jam packed round up as I completely missed my March round up!

  1. I visited Mitch in Devon at the start of March, I like having a break down there, it's so different to London even if there isn't much to do! We went to Exeter and did some shopping and went to watch Focus at the cinema. Mitch also bought me the coolest top from Drop Dead
  2. My train journey wasn't so fun as I ended up being four hours later then planned because of train delays! Not cool.
  3. I went out in Kingston with Lauren, Charlotte and Marion and it was such a good night! Hippodrome is a decent night out as it's pretty cheap and they play cheesy music which I kinda love. Lauren fell down the stairs before we even reached the club though! It was hilarious although she had a massive bruise on her legs for the next few weeks.
  4. I had two gigs to attend in March first was Papa Roach at The Roundhouse with Mitch. They were brilliant, I haven't listened to Papa Roach in some time but they are a classic band for me and The Roundhouse is an ace venue.
  5. I then went to see All Time Low at Wembley with Lauren. It was her first proper gig and she loved it! I've wanted to see All Time Low live for some time and they didn't disappoint, totally underrated band in my opinion. We made a night of it and met a cute couple on the train and our mate Tony picked us up which meant we didn't have to leave early. Someone did sit in her seats though, a pair of moody teenage girls who did not appreciate us making them move.
  6. We had SALE launch at work in mid March and it was such a tediously long night, working in retail can be a pain, I ended work all weekend too.
  7. I started watching the show Empire and finished it within the week! It's an addictive show with some drama, comedy and lots of RnB music.
  1. The first weekend in April it was Easter I went for a country walk and Sunday lunch with my sister Bryz, my dad and his girlfriend Veronica and it was so delicious. 
  2. The weekend after Mitch came down and we had another gig, this time we went to see Pierce the Veil and Sleeping with Sirens it was AWESOME. Pierce the Veil are now in my top 5 favourite bands to see live. I'm still in the process of writing a review, the energy and the talent from the four guys was insane.
  3. The following weekend me and Lauren went on a mate date for Pizza Hut and I introduced her to the deliciousness that is cookie dough, can you believe she hadn't tried it before? It's so ridiculously yum.We also went to see Furious 7 and I cried like you would not believe, it is so bloody sad! Still action-packed and thrilling as all the rest but the absence of Paul Walker towards to end is emotional.
  4. It was my dads birthday on the Saturday and my sister Amber came up from Bristol and we took my dad on a surprise trip to Crazy Golf- Jurassic Park themed, how cool, is that?! It was so much fun! My dad loves golf he plays at least twice a week so he of course won but I came second!! No one could believe it :D
  5. My mum came to visit at the end of April and we all went for a pub lunch with my oldest sister Sarah and her two children and my sister who I live with that was also super yum and it's been nice weather as well.
  6. It was Mitch's birthday at the end of April but I'll cover that in May as his birthday spans the whole week.....

I cannot wait for the rest of the year! I have so much planned and 2015 is turning out awesome :) I hope you guys are having a fabulous year!