Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Life: May 2015 Round Up

May just sped by. It was a pretty chill month -prepping for Summer!!
  1. I took Mitch to Venice for his birthday and it was awesome! We've wanted to head over their for sometime so I figured his birthday was the perfect opportunity to do so. It was supposed to be a surprise but I blurted it out by accident, I guess it meant he had some time to save some money! I did a little blog post on our trip that you can check out here
  2. I worked for the rest of the month and as our store manager was on holiday we were doing a couple of extra hours.
  3. It was time to select our uniform for this season, you can check out my picks here
  4. I went to Giraffe one evening with Lauren and Neda who I work with as well as Hazelle and Millie who used to work with us but both left for other fashion retailers a few months back
  5. I love the food and Giraffe it always feel so fresh and healthy-even if it's not! It was great to catch up and they have a 2for1 offers on cocktails as well. I had a Pina Colada and a Strawberry Mule, although I must add make sure you definitely order them before 7pm because we had some issues with that!
  6. My Uncle Martin came down to visit and we headed out to Nandos with him, my sister, my dad and my dads girlfriend. I tried Sangria for the first time! It's delicious!
  7. I received a Save The Date from my best friend for her wedding!! So excited seeing as I'm Maid of Honor and all!! :D
  8. Me and my mate from work, Tony-who is currently in the process of having a Harry Potter tattoo sleeve done might I add-decided to have a joint Disney themed party in August!
  9. Speaking of, I've started reading the Harry Potter books again and am just about to start Order of the Phoenix which, hilariously, has 'Emily-Rose Vierke 9HM' hand written on the first page. Oh so many moons ago!
  10. I also had my hair cut and darkened just before we went on a big night out with everyone from work. It was so much fun!! We just headed to Kingston for one of the best nights, it was Lisa's birthday and Chantelle's leaving do so they had a joint bash and everyone had loads of fun, I was severely hung over the next day! My sister made me veggie toad in the hole, mash and peas though followed by crumble- I wasn't entirely convinced it would stay down....

I'm really excited about the Summer, do you have much planned?

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