Sunday, 13 September 2015

Life: My Birthday

I turned 26 (eeeek so old) on 17th August now closer to 30 then 20! 
  1. I did a couple of things to celebrate, I went out for a meal with my sister, my dad, his girlfriend and daughter. We went to a restaurant in Teddington and I ate too much food, as per usual.
  2. I then went out on the Saturday night with a few of friends from work, it was my friend Tony's birthday too so a few of his mates came along too.  
  3. We just went to Pryzm, which I haven't been to since it changed from Oceana, but if you a cheesy and relatively cheap night out it's pretty decent. 
  4. Mitch came down the day after and stayed for a week, we hadn't seen each other for three months so to have him here for a week is awesome. I was so lucky and had an awesome present haul! 
  5. My dad bought me an new ipod, my mum bought me fairy lights for my bed and a boots voucher for some new make up. 
  6. Mitch bought me a stunning Disney Couture ring, loads of Harry Potter sweets (Bertie Blotts Every Flavour Beans, Peppermint Toads, Fizzing Whizzbees) he gave me this amazing Harry Potter film artefact box which is incredible and filled with memorabilia from the movie including;Harry's Hogwarts acceptance letter, Sirius's wanted poster, ticket to the Quidditch world cup, the letter Lily writes to Sirius that Harry finds, the photo of the original Order of the Phoenix, Hogwarts luggage tag, Dumbeldore's army signature list, Quidditch world cup ticket. I think I'm going to frame all the letters and images in one frame.The whole contents excited me and gave me some serious goosebumps, nothing stays with us like the things we loved when we were young. 
  7. He also took me to go and see Wicked!!!! I have wanted to see it for so long and it was incredible, we were a third row from the front, I loved every second- and totally cried. We went to Jamie's Italian in Victoria and it was really nice, the staff were super friendly and the food was delicious. 
  8. My sister bought me Kim Kardashian's Selfish book (yes!) and an adorable Tupperware set with unicorns on
  9. All the clan at work bought me Remus Lupin's wand (he is like, total fav) my friend Lauren framed a photo of us which holds some meaning and a unicorn pad and my friend Neda brought around a huge chocolate cake which I consumed in approx two days
  10.  Mitch's mum bought me new perfume Paul Smith; Rose and his brother bought me BIGGEST bag of Swedish Fish and Twizzlers, Mitch's parents live in America and he had just come back with delicious American candy.

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