Friday, 20 November 2015

Life: November 2015 Loves

This is quite a beauty inspired post, there are so much awesome make up products I'm after but they're all so expensive!

  1. Kendall + Kylie for Topshop Jumper Dress, £55, This looks like the snuggliest jumper dress! I love the Jenner girls new Topshop range it's much better than their summer one, lots of Christmas and winter staples.   
  2. Urban Decay Lipstick in Obsession, £15.50, I have 1993 by Urban Decay and I LOVE IT. I recently got rid of my bubblegum pink lipstick and this is the perfect replacement.
  3. Boohoo Over The Knee Boot,£40, I love the berry colour of these boots and how good would they look with the jumper dress? I'm not sure I could pull it off but I might as well try.
  4. Fairytale Pandora Charm,£30, I haven't bought a Pandora charm in a while but this fairytale book one if just me down to a T and it's only £30, potential Christmas present to myself :D 
  5. River Island Hold Me Holdall, £60, I travel around the UK quite a lot as I have family and friends dotted everywhere so I should invest in a holdall and this bright slogan one is ideal, plus I wouldn't lose it!
  6. Anastasia Beverley Hills Illuminator in So Hollywood, £28, This highlighter is just a dream, I'm definitely investing at some point as ABH is great quality and a cruelty free company.
  7. Rosie Fortescue Crown Ring, £65, Rosie's entire jewellery line is fabulous, I would love to own the whole collection....
  8. Iconic Cream Contour Palette, £32.99, I ordered a powder contour palette but it just doesn't work for my skin :(

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