Saturday, 17 September 2016

Life: September 2016 Loves

River Island special edition! We have so much stuff at the moment that I love, my September Loves was already full of River Island products so I thought I would to a one off edition.
  1. Leopard Print Longline Bomber, £55, I'm actually in love with this and on the website the outfit they have put together is so cool
  2. Alannah Emroided Jeans, £48, I'm still not sure why I haven't bought these! I have the 'Alannah' Girl Gang jeans and they are super comfortable plus these say "Sorry Not Sorry" on the back which is just awesome
  3. Skull Print Tee, £18, This with the leopard print bomber, boots and jeans would be such a comfy and cool look for work
  4. Amelie Badge Jeans, £48, Another pair of jeans that I am loving, I'm really feeling the patch and badge jeans and I wear my black Lori jeans all the time so I need a replacement
  5. Cut Out Boots, £45, I have a pair similar to this from a few years ago but they have fallen apart, I've literally had them fixed and glued back together a million times so I think it's time I invested in a new pair.
  6. Ring Pack, £12, I buy a new set of rings everytime I get paid as River Island sell some of the best multi-ring packs and I love that these are a mix of gold and silver
  7. Printed Jumper, £38, I'm so gutted I have already picked all of my uniform as this came in on delivery and I love it! It looks so warm and perfect for Autumn

Friday, 2 September 2016

Life: August 2016 Round Up

 Summer has come to an end! 
  1. So August has been pretty chill. I went and got myself a new tattoo right at the start of August, it's a water colour rose at the top of my arm, it's my 8th one and everytime I get inked I just want more.
  2. It was my birthday in August and I celebrated it in many ways with different people.I went out for food with some of my family and Mitch to a local Italian restaurant which was delicious.
  3. My mates at work organised a suprise meal out at TGIs in Kingston which was super cute, they also bought me some cute presents and a massive Millies cookie which was the dream and I ate it in three days.
  4. I managed to get the day of my birthday off so me and Mitch went to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour :D :D It was awesome, I loved it just as much as the first time. This time I bought McGonagalls wand!
  5. I saw my friend Hannah twice, we went out to Pizza Express (literally all I do is eat pizza) and she told me about her travels as she has just come back from trekking around Asia. We then went out a few weeks later to Franks an open bar on top of a Multi-Storey in Peckham. Pretty decent. Also Hannah has a ridiculousy sassy, purry coat called Seren who is adrobs.
  6. I was given some awesome presents; lots of Harry Potter memrobilia (I own an insane amount now) jewellery, clothes, notepads and pens, chocolate and sweets, books, lush bath bombs etc I am so lucky!
  7. I went to go and see The Suicide Squad with Mitch, we both loved it!! Jared Leto is the best Joker yet.
  8. I've done a fair bit of shopping with stuff from work, check out my latest purchases here and I also invested in another Jeffree Star velour lipstick 714 and have ordered Urban Decays Moondust palette, I await it's arrival :D
It's still pretty hot at the moment but I am looking forward to Autumn, Halloween is my favourite holiday!

Fashion: River Island Uniform

It's not even uniform yet but I'm loving our product at work right now so I bought a bunch of stuff....again...

 As always this can all be purchased online at where newness is introduced daily!

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

Work Work Work
Top £22 Jeans £45 Nail Polish £18 Necklace £20

*Shoes in previous post and necklace is a cheaper alternative to the one I own as mine isn't avaliable online :)

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Music: August 2016 Playlist

I've only recently discovered Creeper, they're supporting Pierce The Veil in Novembe. Also I went to go and see Suicide Squad (can you tell?) It was awesome. 
  1. Heathens - Twenty One Pilots
  2. Misery - Creeper
  3. Rest In Peace - Yellowcard 
  4. Paranoia - A Day To Remember 
  5. Bored to Death - Blink 182 
  6. Fake My Own Death - Sum 41
  7. Sucker For Pain - Imagine Dragons, Li'l Wayne, Wiz Khalifa
  8. All In My Head - Fifth Harmony 
  9. Clumsy - Britney Spears 
  10. You Don't Own Me - Grace feat. G-Eazy

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Life: August 2016 Loves

  1. 'Call Me' Drop Dead Jumper, £50, Drop Dead always release cute and quirky jumpers I have a few of their pieces but this looks super soft and warm for Autumn
  2. 'Fly Knit' Nike Air Force, £110, These are just the prettiest pair of trainers and no leather on them which is awesome, it's so tricky to find nice trainers these days that aren't suede or leather.
  3. Too Faced 'Chocolate Bon Bon' Palette, £39, I have a Too Faced Romantic palette and it's so smooth with sweet colours plus it's a cruelty free brand which is so important.
  4. River Island Khaki Bag, £26, We have this in store and not only is it a nice muted colour but it's a light bag, I hate when a bag is heavy and then you put ever
  5. IT Cosmetics 'Bye Bye Redness' Correcting Cream, £24.50, Everybody raves about this product as a concealer as well as a correcting cream, it's pricey but surely worth it.
  6. River Island Lilac Bomber, £48, I cannot wait for pay day so I can invest in this, purple is one of my favourite colours to wear and this will add some colour to my usually black outfits!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Life: June & July 2016 Round Up

June & July have been pretty awesome :D

  1. Myself and Mitch were lucky enough to attend the Kerrang! Awards in June, check out my review for that here, it was one of the best nights I have ever had. Bands that me and Mitch love (Neck Deep, Asking Alexandria, Blink 182, All Time Low, Creeper etc) were there and it was a free bar as well- WIN WIN.
  2. A week or so later we attended the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards (we have no idea how we got so lucky!) We walked the carpet just behind Asking Alexandria and Mitch met Caleb from Beartooth (in the toilets...) who he seriously fangirled over. We went to the after party in central London and stayed out till about 2am. It was awesome. 
  3. I was back at work a few days later! Luckily I quite like my job so it wasn't too bad :D 
  4. I met up with a few girls I use to work at River Island with and we went for food at the Slug & Lettuce it was super warm and I had loads of fun but I had started work at 6am so I was cray tired and didn't stay out as long as I would have liked to.
  5.  My sister Amber came to visit from Bristol as her and my other sister were going to the Wimbledon mens final, I was working all weekend but we went out for food at Bills in Kingston. Usually I love Bills and I did have a delicious cocktail but the macaroni cheese I had wasn't great and we had to wait a while for our meal but they kindly gave us all of our drinks for free! We didn't complain or anything but I think they realized we had a bit of a wait, lovely suprise!
  6. I went to go and see Busted at Sandown with my sister, my dad and his mate Dave-they were awesome AGAIN! Not sure dad and his mate agreed so much though
  7. Everybody at work had an fun night out in Kingston for Cherry's birthday, she got absolutely wasted and myself Becki and Gemma has to carry her down the street. I had a major hissy fit thoughas I didn't want to go home...... 
  8. I had two weeks off at the end of July but because Mitch has just moved down here we couldn't afford to go abroad so we just stayed in England and visited people.
  9. We went to Devon to see his family and his mum was back from America so we travelled back to London with her as she was flying from Heathrow a few days later. 
  10. We also went to Birmingham to visit my best friend Keyla and her fiancee James who are getting married next year. We went to these super cool cafe/bar called Tilt where they sell loads of teas and beers and have old school pinball machines!
  11. Me and Mitch watched the entire series of Stranger Things in one day and went to see Jason Bourne and The Secret Life of Pets at the cinema, Stranger Things was brilliant and the child actors were phenomonal. The Secret Life....was so bloody cute and I loved it, I won't comment on Jason Bourne as the original 3 are some of my favourite movies.  
  12. We went to the British Museum during the week as well as we both find Ancient Greek and Egypt really interesting but we got kicked out at 5:30pm and missed loads as we spent ages looking at everything!
  13. I also purchased Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the day it was release and read it in about three hours :D
  14. I finally did something with my hair and got rid of the dark pink/red/purple mess it had become it's now a dark brown with blue/turquoise ends.  
  15. It was the kittens birthday in July! We've had them a whole year :D It's been a whole year since I stopped having a social life. 

 So in August we have my birthday, my best friends birthday and hopefully some fun!

Fashion: River Island Uniform

River Island still have a bit of  SALE on FYI so be sure to check it out, but here is just a little update on some things I have purchased from work recently :D as always avaliable in store and online at


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

Mermaids and Meow
It was my last day at work before my two weeks off!

The Meow tee I'm wearing I bought ages ago at River Island but the one I have linked to I also own and it is equally as cute and comfortable :D

Life: July 2016 Loves

This is just a super mini Loves for July, I guess the month is nearly over anyway!

  1. Skinnydip Blue 'BAE' Bag, £35, I saw this bag in Topshop the other day and instantly fell in love. The new SkinnyDip range is awesome, it's all about pastels and sparkles!
  2. Jeffree Star '714' Lipstick, £14, It is using all of my energy not to buy this cool pink coral shade from his summer shades collection, I'm trying to save for a hen weekend and Disneyland and £20 (+plus £15 customs fee) is too much for a new lippie!
  3. Quay x Chrisspy Sunglasses, £40, I love Chrisspy! She's one of my favourite make up artists and I always love her sunnies, it was about time she partnered up with Quay to create her own line. This over-sized tortoise shell ones are to die for.
  4. River Island Duster, £60, I am loving rose gold clothes recently, we have a bomber at work too but I feel like this duster is super simple but also a little luxe and will smarten up any outfit.
  5. Manic Panic 'Mystic Heather' £11, I've just had my ends dyed an oceanic blue and my hair dressers advised to stop it going green and to keep it a pale indigo top it up with a purple or lilac shade-Manic Panic is vegan as well :D
  6. Vans Authentic 'Tie Dye Rose Violet', £36.40, I think I've put these on here before so I should really just invest in them! Cute summery colour and Vans are just the comfiest.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Music: July 2016 Playlist

A little mix up again this month
  1. Gold Medal Ribbon - Pierce The Veil
  2. Sometimes It Ends - Asking Alexandria 
  3. Black Mass - Creeper 
  4. December (Acoustic) - Neck Deep
  5. M.I.L.F $ - Fergie 
  6. Kill Em With Kindess - Selena Gomez
  7. Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes
  8. Rise - Katy Perry


Friday, 17 June 2016

Life: June 2016 Loves

  1. Local Heroes Swimsuit, £60, I love the Local Heroes stuff they have the coolest product and I'd wear this swimsuit as a body with jeans and a faux leather jacket
  2. Disturbia 'Witchcraft' Clutch bag, £39.95, This clutch is just awesome! I found a leather version of it about two years about but that was over £100 and I don't wear leather anyway so this little number is perfection.
  3. Versace Sunglasses, £180, I have contemplated purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses and these Versace pair caught my eye when I was shopping the other day.
  4. River Island Espadrilles, £24, I love the colour of these shoes and they look super comfortable as well. I want a pair of bright shoes I can wear with a black outfit for a pop of colour.
  5. River Island Duster Coat, £65, We have so many duster coats at work but this dove grey one is by far my favourite, it's flows and fits great on every figure as well.
  6. Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes, £30, I desperately need a new set of make up brushes but I really want to buy some decent but pretty ones that will last and everybody raves about Real Techniques.
  7. NYX Brow Pomade, £5.50, I'm going to try either a eyebrow gel or pomade next time I pick up eyebrow filler I used to use pencil but I've transitioned to powder.
  8. Dose of Rose Quartz Necklace, £18, This is just a simple yet cute necklace and I've been after a quartz charm for a while plus! Rose is my middle name soo....

Music: The Kerrang! Awards

The Kerrang! Awards
The annual music awards show took place on 9th June 2016, held at The Troxy in East London. The Kerrang! Awards is a place where pop-punk, metalcore, screamo and every other kind of rock music you can think of comes together to create an awesome night full of pizza, alcohol and live music...what's not to love?
An art deco venue with a Great Gatsby vibe about it The Troxy may not be the first place you'd expect to hold the Kerrang! Awards but when you roll out the black carpet, offer free shots to the guests the minute they enter the reception and invite Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 and Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy along you certainly up the rock factor.
Aesthetically The Kerrang! Awards was awesome; the backdrop was an eerie, gothic drawing with a slightly comic book style to it featuring a cat faced bat with skeleton details and a ouija board. (Awesome I know.) The podium took the shape of a gothic skull featuring glowing eyes that was stood next to an old school street lantern and two large white speakers with a glorious unicorn and a majestic lion scrawled onto them. It was all wondefully creepy.
The editor of Kerrang! James McMahon came out to give a little speech, Lemmy was of course mentioned, and soon after we were introduced to our rather random presenters; Benji Webbe from Skindred and Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. An unlikely duo which worked in many ways, Justin's quirky campness and Benji's Welsh laddish behaviour ensured an interesting night was had.
Most winners were graceful, funny or honored that they had won (All Time Low, Creeper, A Day To Remember, Mark Hoppus etc) a certain band gave a 'rockstar' speech with a mic drop and everything (Cane Hill) and one was even interuppted by Benji Webbe and barely had a chance to say their thanks (BABYMETAL.)
Some wins were controversial; BEST ALBUM, BEST LIVE ACT, BEST NEWCOMER to name a few but once the awards were all given out and the drinks started rolling most people chilled out and were happy to have a beverage or two.
Unlike most music awards shows (The BRITs, Metal Hammer Golden Gods, MTV etc) Kerrang! didn't have music intervals but instead had a few hours of awards followed by two mini gigs from British metalcore band Asking Alexandria and Floridian hardcore punk band A Day To Remember. This was the first time Kerrang! had tried such a thing and it showed, just a little, but still it must have been frustrating for Asking Alexandria to have extreme feedback as they started the night off. This being said there's no denying the guys have talent, it was the first time I had seen Asking Alexandria with their new singer Denis Stoff and what a fantastic addition to the band he is. Dare I say he sounded better live than on The Black album? (Brilliant album FYI) The stage presence from all members works perfectly and you can tell they are loving every minute.
With alcohol flowing and music blaring as we watched from The Circle you could interact with journalists, roadies, rockstars and those who managed to snag themselves  a VIP pass. Frank Carter was delightfully chatty, Neck Deep took advantage of the free beer as they hung out with Creeper and I swear I spotted Cane Hill fan-girling over Kevin Skaff.
The photos I took are few and far between, I forgot my camera which was extremely frustrating and I was having such a fun night I didn't honestly think about taking pictures....
 To check out the winners from the event click here 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

The Kerrang Awards
So I had the best night...

 Dress £22 Jacket £29.99 Converse £47.99 Bag £10 Chanel Necklace £600 Cross Necklace £32

Both my jacket and Converse are proper old school but not much has changed with Converses and the jacket is a pretty decent replica.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Life: April & May 2016 Round Up

With working being so busy I'm struggling to find time to blog! So this is a end of Spring round up for April and May
  1. It was Mitch's birthday at the end of April, he came down to visit  and we spent the day in London. We did some shopping, ate at Jamie's Diner and spent the evening on a ghost walk of London! It was really interesting and the guy was lovely. I bought him a load of comic book, Star Wars, computer game related presents.
  2. We also saw Bring Me The Horizon do an orchestra set at Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust which was awesome, they were supported by PVRIS who I'm also a big fan of. We saw Counterfeit for a second time as well at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, I love going to small venues to watch bands who aren't that big yet it's so much better than arena tours.
  3. For my dads birthday we got him tickets to see John Bishop and some clothes from ZARA MEN, I miss out on so many family meals and trips because of work!
  4. I watched a few movies throughout April and May; The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You'd never guess we live action movies. 
  5. I went to go and see Busted with my sister in May and it was AWESOME. We used to love Busted when we were teenagers and ten years later they're still brilliant, Matt is my fav ;) Going to be seeing them again July with my sister and dad! Can't wait :D
  6. We also ate at Mildreds in Soho, it's a little vegan and vegetarian restaurant, I would go again purely because there is so many delicious options for us but I might try one of their other locations.
  7. Now that I've gone full on cruelty free with cosmetics I am finding so many awesome companies. I now use Arctic Fox to dye my hair, they're colour range is incredible, Bondi Sands and Palmers for fake tan, Jeffree Star for high end make up (waited up to puchase Skin Frost and Beauty Killer) and Barry M, Revolution and thebalm for affordable piece :D
  8. Work wise I started at River Island in Kingston, it is CRAZY BUSY but I'm really enjoying it and the team are awesome, it's such a challenging place to work for it but I love that's there is always something to do.
  9. In rather exciting news for myself and Mitch he was offered a job in London and moved down in May! He stayed with me and my sister for a while and moved out at the start of June, now he lives just fifteen minutes away! Instead of five hours!! It's so good we're already able to be like wanna come over and have pizza whilst we watch Love Island? (Mitch loves it)
  10. We went to a tapas bar in Twickenham with his new flat mate and his girlfriend so we could all hang out and get to know each other, I love tapas and Sangria so I was happy and it's nice to meet new people
  11. I've started planning my best friends Hen Do as well! It's not until November but I wanna get the ball rolling early! I can't wait!

As always I'm really excited about Summer, me and Mitch have a few gigs planned, I'm seeing friends I haven't seen in a while and it's already sunny!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Music: May 2016 Playlist

I actually really struggled this month, I've been listening to Pierce the Veil's new album a lot Dive In is my absolute fav.

  1. Dive In - Pierce The Veil
  2. Lost Souls - Asking Alexandria 
  3. Hated - Beartooth  
  4. Serpents - Neck Deep
  5. I Can't Stop The Feeling - Justin Timberlake
  6. Cheap Thrills - Sia feat. Sean Paul 
  7. Work From Home - Fifth Harmony
  8. Uncontainable - Set It Off 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Fashion: Outfit Of The Day

I went to go and see Captain Ameirca: Civil War, its awesome FYI and this was my casual outfit 

Bomber Jacket £45 Tee £16 Jeans £42 Vans £39 Nail Polish £2.99 Necklace £29

FYI, my khaki bomber is from La Sula but is no longer avaliable.

Fashion: New Uniform

Now that I have started working at River Island in Kingston my 50% discount is back! As is my uniform allowance :D YAY
Here's just a few....pieces I have picked up...


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Music: April 2016 Playlist

As always a mix up of tunes from rock to pop...I couldn't find much new music, so much so I had to leave this as an odd nine tracks :|

  1. The Black - Asking Alexandria
  2. Texas Is Forever - Pierce The Veil
  3. Gold Steps - Neck Deep
  4. Why Generation - FIDLAR
  5. 7 Years - Lukas Graham   
  6. I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Mike Posner
  7. Hands To Myself - Selena Gomez
  8. Say You Do - Sigala (ft. Imani & DJ Fresh
  9. Don't Dream It's Over - Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande

Life: April Loves 2016

Things are starting to get summery....

  1. Ragged Preist Mermaid Denim Jacket, £95, I love the products from Ragged Preist! I just wanna buy everything, this oversized denim jacket is freaking adorable and rhey have a cute mermaid tee for £28 as well.
  2. River Island Raw Hem Molly Jeans, £42, I love the hem detail jeans on the market at the moment, I know everybody isn't a fan but I think they're great for Spring/Summer and add some detail to the plain denim
  3. Red Herring Pink Rucksack, £17.60, I still think I'd look like a school kid with a rucksack so I'm struggling with the whole backpack thing...But I'm going to America in the summer and I plan on doing some serious walking and I know a rucksack will just be so much more convenient!
  4. Kat Von D 'Melancholia' Liquid Lipstick, £ 14.15, I keep putting liquid lipsticks on my blog but never buying any, all the Vegan ones have to be imported from the states! Anyway this bubblegum pink shade from Kat Von D is divine and has rave reviews
  5. NYX Forgot Me Not Mascara, £5.50, A love the idea of a coloured mascara just on the tip of the lashes, NYX are such an afforadble but highly praised brand and they have a pastel range out at the moment which is cute AND they're PETA certidied creulty free! Woohoo!
  6. Grey Converse Trainers, £44.99, I am loving grey trainers at the moment, there is a cute pair of grey VANS slip ons making the rounds but I only just invested in a pair of new VANS so I'm thinking this low-rise grey Converse might be my next purchase.
  7. Claires Katy Perry Cat Choker, £8, Is this not the cutest choker in the whole world? I love checking out Claires for odd bits of jewlellery, it has a rep for young kids and teenage girls but I own a fair amount of earrings from him and all my nose rings are from Claires too.

Life: February & March 2016 Round Up

I have been so busy trying to sort out my new job and everything I haven't blogged in ages! This is a combination of February and March roundup.
  1. Mitch came down twice in February the first time was for Carnival of Madness! The second time we both had a few free days off so we went into London, checked out Forbidden Planet, Hummingbird Bakery and just hung out :D
  2. Carnival of Madness was AWESOME. Halestorm, Shinedown and Highly Suspect supported Black Stone Cherry for this mini rock event and I loved it. Lizzy Hale is simply incredible and Shinedown are a band me and Mitch have adored for ages. I had been working straight though and I fell asleep when Black Stone Cherry came on. Not even kidding. I fell asleep at a rock show :|
  3. I watched a fair few films throughout these two months, me and Lauren went to see both Triple 9 and Deadpool. Triple 9 was an edge of your seat thriller, pretty good acting but won't be winning any awards. Deadpool was OK, everyone is raving about it but I swear it's just Ryan Reynolds playing himself? Me, Bryz and Mitch watched Victor Frankenstein ...although I fell asleep as I was super tired. It was still pretty good though, gotta love some Daniel Radcliffe. I also watched The Stanford Prison Experiment, which is definitely worth checking out; research it afterwards as well.
  4. Mitch pretty much forced me to watch The 100 and I'm glad he did! I gave it a go a year or two ago and didn't like it but after sticking with the first five episodes I smashed the first two series and I've just started season 3 but I really don't like Lexa so it's made me slow down a little....
  5. Mitch also just discovered the band Neck Deep, they've been around for a while so we don't know how they've never come away. We're now crazy for them so I've had they're album Lifes Not Out To Get You in repeat for two months. It's awesome. 
  6. My mum came down with my little sister for a weekend as it was her birthday, we just went to my oldest sisters house; ate some food and drank some wine.
  7. Both me and my sister are still transitioning to uying products that are creulty free, my beauty range is mostly up to date (the Balm, Revolution, NARS, Jeffree Star, Anastasia Beverely Hills and Gosh are favourites of mine- still confused about Urban Decay?) I also cannot wait to be able to afford Charlotte Tilbury. Skincare wise I've majorly jumped on the Palmers band wagon I adore they're gradual tan although their skin oil gave me eczema :( and the cocoa butter gives my face spots! So I'm still looking for a facial moisturizer. I might do a blog post on my findings. 
  8. I had a few job interviews that didn't go so well but then I had one back at River Island that went really awesome and they offered me the job the next day!
  9. I've worked at Boux Avenue for six months and it's really not for me, some people love it but I found it a little contrived. Either way I start at River Island in April! Woohoo! This time as Womens Product and it's in a much bigger and much busier store, a challenge is ahead. I just can't wait to be working with fashion again.
  10. I gave up sweets and chocolate for lent, it was extremely hard! Especially as Mitch's dad bought me a massive bag of Swedish Fish back from the states! I had to resist for 40 days. I went out for Sunday lunch with Bryz, my dad and his girlfriend on Easter Weekend but then they made me go and watch some boring boat race in Chiswick.   
  11. I threw out a few pairs of my shoes I don't really wear I replaced them new ones! I bought some slip on Vans and silver heels although they sent me the wrong size but are claiming they didn't :| It's all very annoying
  12. I did however end March or a not so positive note as I somehow caught Impetigo and it was the most itchy and irritating thing ever. I had patch of it on my chin so I couldnt tan or wear make up! I spend three hours at the doctors finally made my way to work after waiting for a bus for an hour to be sent straight back home! It was my second to last day as well so I didn't get to see half the girls :( So gutted. Although I didn't like the company or the management the ladies I worked with were all lovely. 
So I'll be starting my new job in April, it's my dad and Mitch's birthday AND we have two gigs already planned...

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

I had a trip to London last Sunday with Mitch, we checked out Forbidden Planet and bought some delicious Hummingbird Bakery treats :D 

Boots £46 Jacket £35.99 Dress £25 Bag £45 Hat £20 Necklace £49.99

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Life: February 2016 Loves

This month is a real mix of pieces I've had my eyes on:

  1. Vans 'Earth' Slip Ons, £25, This are in the half price sale and I am going to buy them as soon as I get paid on Friday I just hope they don't sell out! They are the perfect transeasonal footwear choice
  2. Miss Selfridge Blush Duster Coat, £59, I ordered a duster coat from ASOS in powder blue that I loved but it was a tad too long, I really want a pastel jacket that I can throw over stuff during spring or when we go out for food.
  3. River Island Black 'Amelie' Jeans, £42, I need a new pair of jeans and I know that River Island ones fit me like a treat. I like the hemmed look on this pair and black is always a good idea.
  4. Arctic Fox Hair Colour 'Violet Dream,' £7.99, I cannot wait to try this out, I have been after a vegan hair dye for sometime and this looks like the perfect shade! Only a few pounds more than the one I use at the moment and no animal testing which is the most important thing
  5. Dolce and Gabbana Square Frame Sunglasses, £176, The thought of spending nearly £200 on a pair of sunglasses, unfortunately, does not look like it will be happening for me anytime soon but dream big right?
  6. Accessorize Ruby Metallic Tote, £29, I've been after a simple metallic tote for some time but most of them are made of leather luckily Accessorize have created this bad boy and under £30 too!
  7. Spectrum 'Mermaid Dreams; The Glam Clam' Set, £59.99, This is the most magically beautiul brush set I have ever laid on eyes but once again I know spending £60 on brushes is just ludicrous when you make the money I do!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Music: February 2016 Playlist

This playlist is a real mash up, I just discovered the band In This Moment, my boyfriend has been trying to make me listen to them for ages and now I'm obsessed. Also this All Time Low song is very McFly circa 2007.

  1. When The Bassline Drops - Craig David 
  2. Love Yourself - Justin Bieber 
  3. History - One Direction
  4. When We Young - Adele
  5. Missing You - All Time Low
  6. Whore - In This Moment
  7. My Size - Hands off Gretel 
  8. Gonna Get Mine - Halestorm

Life: January 2016 Round Up

  1.  It was my best friends 21st at the start of January so a massive group of us went out in Guildford, it was a laugh and we spent most of the time in Popworld with cheesy music galore
  2. It was my sisters birthday as well, we went to Côte with my dad and his girlfriend, I've never been that before but it was delicious, I had pea and asparagus risotto followed by praline and banana crepes. It was yum.
  3. We went to the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the British Library in London on the Sunday, it was awesome! We both love the story so it was a great day out. We later went for afternoon tea at the Gilbert hotel and ate a lot of sandwiches and cakes.
  4.  One of my best friends of many years went travelling around the world this year as well and it was weird to say goodbye, even only temporarily. It's crazy how things change!
  5. I went out for Thai with some of the old River Island crew, we went to The George in Hersham it was delicious and pretty cheap considering the quality and quantity. It was nice to have everybody back together again.
  6. I went to Devon to see Mitch for a long weekend, his mum was over from America to celebrate her birthday so the whole family went out for a meal. We had a day trip to Exeter and also went to go see Star Wars...again....We also played Marvel monopoly and I won! WOOHOO!
  7. In sadder news Alan Rickman passed away :( I am a huge Harry Potter fan and he is an amazing British actor so I shared a few tears over that, he'll always been rememberd fondly by all.
  8. Mitch bought me the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire as I've wanted to read it for ages, it's a tough book to read! It's rather strange but interesting too so I'm currently powering through that one. There was a particular cover that I wanted too and he managed to hunt it down!

Some exciting movies and gigs planned for February...!

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fashion: Outfit Of The Day

Carnival of Madness
I went to see Highly Suspect, Halestorm, Shinedown and Black Stony Cherry on the Carnival of Madness tour last week. Just a little outfit inspo. I think the scarf is the only exact copy.

Boots £40 Coat  £39.99 Camisole £30 Bag £36 Jumper £20 Scarf £16 Sunglasses £26 Keyring £10

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Life: January 2016 Loves


  1. Lilac Skinnydip bag, £35, Is this not the cutest bag you have ever seen? I like Skinnydip they have the coolest, quirkiest pieces. My mum got me a unicorn make up bag for Christmas and I love it
  2. River Island knitted jumper, £36, This jumper looks so warm and with skinny jeans, the jacket and trainers from this postit would make the comfiest casual outfit
  3. Jeffree Star Doll Parts lipstick, £12.62, This lipstick looks so divine and even with post and packaging from the states its just £20! Since I ditched my beauty products that test on animals I'm after a matte pink shade and this vegan one seems perfect
  4. Topshop Khaki Bomber jacket, £55, There are so many khaki bombers on the high street and I may have picked the most expensive one out there!
  5. Chupi Moonstone ring, £47.60,I found this on not on the high street, love that website! Chupi makes the most glorious jewellery, I love moonstone and the band on this ring looks like part of a tree; so magical.
  6. Topshop A-Line skirt, £32, They do this skirt in a few different colour mixes and I like them all but I'm always partial to a bit of purple....
  7. Urban Decay 'Moonspoon' eyeshadow, £14, Once again I threw away a really great silver eyeshadow by Maybelline, it was like powdered silver and I'm still trying to find a silver eyeshadow with the same level of shimmer and staying powder
  8. 'Desert Camo' Nike Thea, £88, How stunning are these?! I'm not sure I have £88 to spend on trainers but if I did....I'm definitely going to invest in some new trainers soon though...