Sunday, 3 April 2016

Music: April 2016 Playlist

As always a mix up of tunes from rock to pop...I couldn't find much new music, so much so I had to leave this as an odd nine tracks :|

  1. The Black - Asking Alexandria
  2. Texas Is Forever - Pierce The Veil
  3. Gold Steps - Neck Deep
  4. Why Generation - FIDLAR
  5. 7 Years - Lukas Graham   
  6. I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Mike Posner
  7. Hands To Myself - Selena Gomez
  8. Say You Do - Sigala (ft. Imani & DJ Fresh
  9. Don't Dream It's Over - Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande

Life: April Loves 2016

Things are starting to get summery....

  1. Ragged Preist Mermaid Denim Jacket, £95, I love the products from Ragged Preist! I just wanna buy everything, this oversized denim jacket is freaking adorable and rhey have a cute mermaid tee for £28 as well.
  2. River Island Raw Hem Molly Jeans, £42, I love the hem detail jeans on the market at the moment, I know everybody isn't a fan but I think they're great for Spring/Summer and add some detail to the plain denim
  3. Red Herring Pink Rucksack, £17.60, I still think I'd look like a school kid with a rucksack so I'm struggling with the whole backpack thing...But I'm going to America in the summer and I plan on doing some serious walking and I know a rucksack will just be so much more convenient!
  4. Kat Von D 'Melancholia' Liquid Lipstick, £ 14.15, I keep putting liquid lipsticks on my blog but never buying any, all the Vegan ones have to be imported from the states! Anyway this bubblegum pink shade from Kat Von D is divine and has rave reviews
  5. NYX Forgot Me Not Mascara, £5.50, A love the idea of a coloured mascara just on the tip of the lashes, NYX are such an afforadble but highly praised brand and they have a pastel range out at the moment which is cute AND they're PETA certidied creulty free! Woohoo!
  6. Grey Converse Trainers, £44.99, I am loving grey trainers at the moment, there is a cute pair of grey VANS slip ons making the rounds but I only just invested in a pair of new VANS so I'm thinking this low-rise grey Converse might be my next purchase.
  7. Claires Katy Perry Cat Choker, £8, Is this not the cutest choker in the whole world? I love checking out Claires for odd bits of jewlellery, it has a rep for young kids and teenage girls but I own a fair amount of earrings from him and all my nose rings are from Claires too.

Life: February & March 2016 Round Up

I have been so busy trying to sort out my new job and everything I haven't blogged in ages! This is a combination of February and March roundup.
  1. Mitch came down twice in February the first time was for Carnival of Madness! The second time we both had a few free days off so we went into London, checked out Forbidden Planet, Hummingbird Bakery and just hung out :D
  2. Carnival of Madness was AWESOME. Halestorm, Shinedown and Highly Suspect supported Black Stone Cherry for this mini rock event and I loved it. Lizzy Hale is simply incredible and Shinedown are a band me and Mitch have adored for ages. I had been working straight though and I fell asleep when Black Stone Cherry came on. Not even kidding. I fell asleep at a rock show :|
  3. I watched a fair few films throughout these two months, me and Lauren went to see both Triple 9 and Deadpool. Triple 9 was an edge of your seat thriller, pretty good acting but won't be winning any awards. Deadpool was OK, everyone is raving about it but I swear it's just Ryan Reynolds playing himself? Me, Bryz and Mitch watched Victor Frankenstein ...although I fell asleep as I was super tired. It was still pretty good though, gotta love some Daniel Radcliffe. I also watched The Stanford Prison Experiment, which is definitely worth checking out; research it afterwards as well.
  4. Mitch pretty much forced me to watch The 100 and I'm glad he did! I gave it a go a year or two ago and didn't like it but after sticking with the first five episodes I smashed the first two series and I've just started season 3 but I really don't like Lexa so it's made me slow down a little....
  5. Mitch also just discovered the band Neck Deep, they've been around for a while so we don't know how they've never come away. We're now crazy for them so I've had they're album Lifes Not Out To Get You in repeat for two months. It's awesome. 
  6. My mum came down with my little sister for a weekend as it was her birthday, we just went to my oldest sisters house; ate some food and drank some wine.
  7. Both me and my sister are still transitioning to uying products that are creulty free, my beauty range is mostly up to date (the Balm, Revolution, NARS, Jeffree Star, Anastasia Beverely Hills and Gosh are favourites of mine- still confused about Urban Decay?) I also cannot wait to be able to afford Charlotte Tilbury. Skincare wise I've majorly jumped on the Palmers band wagon I adore they're gradual tan although their skin oil gave me eczema :( and the cocoa butter gives my face spots! So I'm still looking for a facial moisturizer. I might do a blog post on my findings. 
  8. I had a few job interviews that didn't go so well but then I had one back at River Island that went really awesome and they offered me the job the next day!
  9. I've worked at Boux Avenue for six months and it's really not for me, some people love it but I found it a little contrived. Either way I start at River Island in April! Woohoo! This time as Womens Product and it's in a much bigger and much busier store, a challenge is ahead. I just can't wait to be working with fashion again.
  10. I gave up sweets and chocolate for lent, it was extremely hard! Especially as Mitch's dad bought me a massive bag of Swedish Fish back from the states! I had to resist for 40 days. I went out for Sunday lunch with Bryz, my dad and his girlfriend on Easter Weekend but then they made me go and watch some boring boat race in Chiswick.   
  11. I threw out a few pairs of my shoes I don't really wear I replaced them new ones! I bought some slip on Vans and silver heels although they sent me the wrong size but are claiming they didn't :| It's all very annoying
  12. I did however end March or a not so positive note as I somehow caught Impetigo and it was the most itchy and irritating thing ever. I had patch of it on my chin so I couldnt tan or wear make up! I spend three hours at the doctors finally made my way to work after waiting for a bus for an hour to be sent straight back home! It was my second to last day as well so I didn't get to see half the girls :( So gutted. Although I didn't like the company or the management the ladies I worked with were all lovely. 
So I'll be starting my new job in April, it's my dad and Mitch's birthday AND we have two gigs already planned...