Sunday, 3 April 2016

Life: April Loves 2016

Things are starting to get summery....

  1. Ragged Preist Mermaid Denim Jacket, £95, I love the products from Ragged Preist! I just wanna buy everything, this oversized denim jacket is freaking adorable and rhey have a cute mermaid tee for £28 as well.
  2. River Island Raw Hem Molly Jeans, £42, I love the hem detail jeans on the market at the moment, I know everybody isn't a fan but I think they're great for Spring/Summer and add some detail to the plain denim
  3. Red Herring Pink Rucksack, £17.60, I still think I'd look like a school kid with a rucksack so I'm struggling with the whole backpack thing...But I'm going to America in the summer and I plan on doing some serious walking and I know a rucksack will just be so much more convenient!
  4. Kat Von D 'Melancholia' Liquid Lipstick, £ 14.15, I keep putting liquid lipsticks on my blog but never buying any, all the Vegan ones have to be imported from the states! Anyway this bubblegum pink shade from Kat Von D is divine and has rave reviews
  5. NYX Forgot Me Not Mascara, £5.50, A love the idea of a coloured mascara just on the tip of the lashes, NYX are such an afforadble but highly praised brand and they have a pastel range out at the moment which is cute AND they're PETA certidied creulty free! Woohoo!
  6. Grey Converse Trainers, £44.99, I am loving grey trainers at the moment, there is a cute pair of grey VANS slip ons making the rounds but I only just invested in a pair of new VANS so I'm thinking this low-rise grey Converse might be my next purchase.
  7. Claires Katy Perry Cat Choker, £8, Is this not the cutest choker in the whole world? I love checking out Claires for odd bits of jewlellery, it has a rep for young kids and teenage girls but I own a fair amount of earrings from him and all my nose rings are from Claires too.

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