Friday, 17 June 2016

Life: June 2016 Loves

  1. Local Heroes Swimsuit, £60, I love the Local Heroes stuff they have the coolest product and I'd wear this swimsuit as a body with jeans and a faux leather jacket
  2. Disturbia 'Witchcraft' Clutch bag, £39.95, This clutch is just awesome! I found a leather version of it about two years about but that was over £100 and I don't wear leather anyway so this little number is perfection.
  3. Versace Sunglasses, £180, I have contemplated purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses and these Versace pair caught my eye when I was shopping the other day.
  4. River Island Espadrilles, £24, I love the colour of these shoes and they look super comfortable as well. I want a pair of bright shoes I can wear with a black outfit for a pop of colour.
  5. River Island Duster Coat, £65, We have so many duster coats at work but this dove grey one is by far my favourite, it's flows and fits great on every figure as well.
  6. Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes, £30, I desperately need a new set of make up brushes but I really want to buy some decent but pretty ones that will last and everybody raves about Real Techniques.
  7. NYX Brow Pomade, £5.50, I'm going to try either a eyebrow gel or pomade next time I pick up eyebrow filler I used to use pencil but I've transitioned to powder.
  8. Dose of Rose Quartz Necklace, £18, This is just a simple yet cute necklace and I've been after a quartz charm for a while plus! Rose is my middle name soo....

Music: The Kerrang! Awards

The Kerrang! Awards
The annual music awards show took place on 9th June 2016, held at The Troxy in East London. The Kerrang! Awards is a place where pop-punk, metalcore, screamo and every other kind of rock music you can think of comes together to create an awesome night full of pizza, alcohol and live music...what's not to love?
An art deco venue with a Great Gatsby vibe about it The Troxy may not be the first place you'd expect to hold the Kerrang! Awards but when you roll out the black carpet, offer free shots to the guests the minute they enter the reception and invite Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 and Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy along you certainly up the rock factor.
Aesthetically The Kerrang! Awards was awesome; the backdrop was an eerie, gothic drawing with a slightly comic book style to it featuring a cat faced bat with skeleton details and a ouija board. (Awesome I know.) The podium took the shape of a gothic skull featuring glowing eyes that was stood next to an old school street lantern and two large white speakers with a glorious unicorn and a majestic lion scrawled onto them. It was all wondefully creepy.
The editor of Kerrang! James McMahon came out to give a little speech, Lemmy was of course mentioned, and soon after we were introduced to our rather random presenters; Benji Webbe from Skindred and Justin Hawkins from The Darkness. An unlikely duo which worked in many ways, Justin's quirky campness and Benji's Welsh laddish behaviour ensured an interesting night was had.
Most winners were graceful, funny or honored that they had won (All Time Low, Creeper, A Day To Remember, Mark Hoppus etc) a certain band gave a 'rockstar' speech with a mic drop and everything (Cane Hill) and one was even interuppted by Benji Webbe and barely had a chance to say their thanks (BABYMETAL.)
Some wins were controversial; BEST ALBUM, BEST LIVE ACT, BEST NEWCOMER to name a few but once the awards were all given out and the drinks started rolling most people chilled out and were happy to have a beverage or two.
Unlike most music awards shows (The BRITs, Metal Hammer Golden Gods, MTV etc) Kerrang! didn't have music intervals but instead had a few hours of awards followed by two mini gigs from British metalcore band Asking Alexandria and Floridian hardcore punk band A Day To Remember. This was the first time Kerrang! had tried such a thing and it showed, just a little, but still it must have been frustrating for Asking Alexandria to have extreme feedback as they started the night off. This being said there's no denying the guys have talent, it was the first time I had seen Asking Alexandria with their new singer Denis Stoff and what a fantastic addition to the band he is. Dare I say he sounded better live than on The Black album? (Brilliant album FYI) The stage presence from all members works perfectly and you can tell they are loving every minute.
With alcohol flowing and music blaring as we watched from The Circle you could interact with journalists, roadies, rockstars and those who managed to snag themselves  a VIP pass. Frank Carter was delightfully chatty, Neck Deep took advantage of the free beer as they hung out with Creeper and I swear I spotted Cane Hill fan-girling over Kevin Skaff.
The photos I took are few and far between, I forgot my camera which was extremely frustrating and I was having such a fun night I didn't honestly think about taking pictures....
 To check out the winners from the event click here 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

The Kerrang Awards
So I had the best night...

 Dress £22 Jacket £29.99 Converse £47.99 Bag £10 Chanel Necklace £600 Cross Necklace £32

Both my jacket and Converse are proper old school but not much has changed with Converses and the jacket is a pretty decent replica.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Life: April & May 2016 Round Up

With working being so busy I'm struggling to find time to blog! So this is a end of Spring round up for April and May
  1. It was Mitch's birthday at the end of April, he came down to visit  and we spent the day in London. We did some shopping, ate at Jamie's Diner and spent the evening on a ghost walk of London! It was really interesting and the guy was lovely. I bought him a load of comic book, Star Wars, computer game related presents.
  2. We also saw Bring Me The Horizon do an orchestra set at Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust which was awesome, they were supported by PVRIS who I'm also a big fan of. We saw Counterfeit for a second time as well at The Electric Ballroom in Camden, I love going to small venues to watch bands who aren't that big yet it's so much better than arena tours.
  3. For my dads birthday we got him tickets to see John Bishop and some clothes from ZARA MEN, I miss out on so many family meals and trips because of work!
  4. I watched a few movies throughout April and May; The Jungle Book, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You'd never guess we live action movies. 
  5. I went to go and see Busted with my sister in May and it was AWESOME. We used to love Busted when we were teenagers and ten years later they're still brilliant, Matt is my fav ;) Going to be seeing them again July with my sister and dad! Can't wait :D
  6. We also ate at Mildreds in Soho, it's a little vegan and vegetarian restaurant, I would go again purely because there is so many delicious options for us but I might try one of their other locations.
  7. Now that I've gone full on cruelty free with cosmetics I am finding so many awesome companies. I now use Arctic Fox to dye my hair, they're colour range is incredible, Bondi Sands and Palmers for fake tan, Jeffree Star for high end make up (waited up to puchase Skin Frost and Beauty Killer) and Barry M, Revolution and thebalm for affordable piece :D
  8. Work wise I started at River Island in Kingston, it is CRAZY BUSY but I'm really enjoying it and the team are awesome, it's such a challenging place to work for it but I love that's there is always something to do.
  9. In rather exciting news for myself and Mitch he was offered a job in London and moved down in May! He stayed with me and my sister for a while and moved out at the start of June, now he lives just fifteen minutes away! Instead of five hours!! It's so good we're already able to be like wanna come over and have pizza whilst we watch Love Island? (Mitch loves it)
  10. We went to a tapas bar in Twickenham with his new flat mate and his girlfriend so we could all hang out and get to know each other, I love tapas and Sangria so I was happy and it's nice to meet new people
  11. I've started planning my best friends Hen Do as well! It's not until November but I wanna get the ball rolling early! I can't wait!

As always I'm really excited about Summer, me and Mitch have a few gigs planned, I'm seeing friends I haven't seen in a while and it's already sunny!