Sunday, 7 August 2016

Life: June & July 2016 Round Up

June & July have been pretty awesome :D

  1. Myself and Mitch were lucky enough to attend the Kerrang! Awards in June, check out my review for that here, it was one of the best nights I have ever had. Bands that me and Mitch love (Neck Deep, Asking Alexandria, Blink 182, All Time Low, Creeper etc) were there and it was a free bar as well- WIN WIN.
  2. A week or so later we attended the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards (we have no idea how we got so lucky!) We walked the carpet just behind Asking Alexandria and Mitch met Caleb from Beartooth (in the toilets...) who he seriously fangirled over. We went to the after party in central London and stayed out till about 2am. It was awesome. 
  3. I was back at work a few days later! Luckily I quite like my job so it wasn't too bad :D 
  4. I met up with a few girls I use to work at River Island with and we went for food at the Slug & Lettuce it was super warm and I had loads of fun but I had started work at 6am so I was cray tired and didn't stay out as long as I would have liked to.
  5.  My sister Amber came to visit from Bristol as her and my other sister were going to the Wimbledon mens final, I was working all weekend but we went out for food at Bills in Kingston. Usually I love Bills and I did have a delicious cocktail but the macaroni cheese I had wasn't great and we had to wait a while for our meal but they kindly gave us all of our drinks for free! We didn't complain or anything but I think they realized we had a bit of a wait, lovely suprise!
  6. I went to go and see Busted at Sandown with my sister, my dad and his mate Dave-they were awesome AGAIN! Not sure dad and his mate agreed so much though
  7. Everybody at work had an fun night out in Kingston for Cherry's birthday, she got absolutely wasted and myself Becki and Gemma has to carry her down the street. I had a major hissy fit thoughas I didn't want to go home...... 
  8. I had two weeks off at the end of July but because Mitch has just moved down here we couldn't afford to go abroad so we just stayed in England and visited people.
  9. We went to Devon to see his family and his mum was back from America so we travelled back to London with her as she was flying from Heathrow a few days later. 
  10. We also went to Birmingham to visit my best friend Keyla and her fiancee James who are getting married next year. We went to these super cool cafe/bar called Tilt where they sell loads of teas and beers and have old school pinball machines!
  11. Me and Mitch watched the entire series of Stranger Things in one day and went to see Jason Bourne and The Secret Life of Pets at the cinema, Stranger Things was brilliant and the child actors were phenomonal. The Secret Life....was so bloody cute and I loved it, I won't comment on Jason Bourne as the original 3 are some of my favourite movies.  
  12. We went to the British Museum during the week as well as we both find Ancient Greek and Egypt really interesting but we got kicked out at 5:30pm and missed loads as we spent ages looking at everything!
  13. I also purchased Harry Potter and the Cursed Child the day it was release and read it in about three hours :D
  14. I finally did something with my hair and got rid of the dark pink/red/purple mess it had become it's now a dark brown with blue/turquoise ends.  
  15. It was the kittens birthday in July! We've had them a whole year :D It's been a whole year since I stopped having a social life. 

 So in August we have my birthday, my best friends birthday and hopefully some fun!

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