Saturday, 17 September 2016

Life: September 2016 Loves

River Island special edition! We have so much stuff at the moment that I love, my September Loves was already full of River Island products so I thought I would to a one off edition.
  1. Leopard Print Longline Bomber, £55, I'm actually in love with this and on the website the outfit they have put together is so cool
  2. Alannah Emroided Jeans, £48, I'm still not sure why I haven't bought these! I have the 'Alannah' Girl Gang jeans and they are super comfortable plus these say "Sorry Not Sorry" on the back which is just awesome
  3. Skull Print Tee, £18, This with the leopard print bomber, boots and jeans would be such a comfy and cool look for work
  4. Amelie Badge Jeans, £48, Another pair of jeans that I am loving, I'm really feeling the patch and badge jeans and I wear my black Lori jeans all the time so I need a replacement
  5. Cut Out Boots, £45, I have a pair similar to this from a few years ago but they have fallen apart, I've literally had them fixed and glued back together a million times so I think it's time I invested in a new pair.
  6. Ring Pack, £12, I buy a new set of rings everytime I get paid as River Island sell some of the best multi-ring packs and I love that these are a mix of gold and silver
  7. Printed Jumper, £38, I'm so gutted I have already picked all of my uniform as this came in on delivery and I love it! It looks so warm and perfect for Autumn

Friday, 2 September 2016

Life: August 2016 Round Up

 Summer has come to an end! 
  1. So August has been pretty chill. I went and got myself a new tattoo right at the start of August, it's a water colour rose at the top of my arm, it's my 8th one and everytime I get inked I just want more.
  2. It was my birthday in August and I celebrated it in many ways with different people.I went out for food with some of my family and Mitch to a local Italian restaurant which was delicious.
  3. My mates at work organised a suprise meal out at TGIs in Kingston which was super cute, they also bought me some cute presents and a massive Millies cookie which was the dream and I ate it in three days.
  4. I managed to get the day of my birthday off so me and Mitch went to Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour :D :D It was awesome, I loved it just as much as the first time. This time I bought McGonagalls wand!
  5. I saw my friend Hannah twice, we went out to Pizza Express (literally all I do is eat pizza) and she told me about her travels as she has just come back from trekking around Asia. We then went out a few weeks later to Franks an open bar on top of a Multi-Storey in Peckham. Pretty decent. Also Hannah has a ridiculousy sassy, purry coat called Seren who is adrobs.
  6. I was given some awesome presents; lots of Harry Potter memrobilia (I own an insane amount now) jewellery, clothes, notepads and pens, chocolate and sweets, books, lush bath bombs etc I am so lucky!
  7. I went to go and see The Suicide Squad with Mitch, we both loved it!! Jared Leto is the best Joker yet.
  8. I've done a fair bit of shopping with stuff from work, check out my latest purchases here and I also invested in another Jeffree Star velour lipstick 714 and have ordered Urban Decays Moondust palette, I await it's arrival :D
It's still pretty hot at the moment but I am looking forward to Autumn, Halloween is my favourite holiday!

Fashion: River Island Uniform

It's not even uniform yet but I'm loving our product at work right now so I bought a bunch of stuff....again...

 As always this can all be purchased online at where newness is introduced daily!

Fashion: Outfit of the Day

Work Work Work
Top £22 Jeans £45 Nail Polish £18 Necklace £20

*Shoes in previous post and necklace is a cheaper alternative to the one I own as mine isn't avaliable online :)